As Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto transit our Zodiac, they transform Personal & Collective Psyche. Uranus was the only outer planet to transit Aries (1927–1935) in the 20th Century. Uranus in Aries brought fierce individualism, pioneering spirit, infinite energy, and limitless financial resources to facilitate concepts through fruition. Uranus inspired both Individual and Collective Psyche through revolutionary technological changes, spectacular inventions, and unexpected financial events.

Physics & Astronomy created a “Big Bang” theory.

NEUTRON discovered

King Kullen  ~ First Supermarket ~ Queens, NY

Wonder Bread & Homogenized Milk ~ Manufactured & Mass-Marketed

First Laundromat in Fort Worth Texas

Flashbulb invented

3M Company ~ Transparent Scotch Tape

Nylon fiber invented

First plastics recycled ~ Britain

Bell Laboratories Developed Stereophonic Sound

German ophthalmologist pioneered first contact lens

First drive-in movie theater opened ~ New Jersey

Model A replaced Model T Ford

First air-conditioned office building ~ San Antonio Texas

Jet engine patented

Charles Lindbergh ~ first solo flight ~ New York to Paris

America captive ~ Lindbergh’s 20-month-old son kidnapped

Mao Tse-Tung developed guerrilla warfare tactics to conquer China

Leon Trotsky expelled from Communist Party

Federal government entered hydroelectric power ~ Boulder Dam

First Talking Motion Picture, ‘The Jazz Singer’ starring Al Jolson

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences born

,Stock Market Crash ~ Time to re-examine Values & Institutions

Uranus completed its eighty-four-year cycle in 2011, turbulently returning to Aries to crumble regimes, topple demagogues, ignite cities, and fuel an Arab Spring that would spread across the Mid-East. Devastating earthquakes in Japan forever changed how governments look at nuclear power policies. We’ll be dealing with the consequences for eternity. Protesters in Spain set the stage for Occupy Movements in New York and London. Osama Bin Laden was killed. His demise appeared on Twitter before being officially announced by The White House. WikiLeaks raised awareness of government secrets, conspiracies, and everything else we shouldn’t take for granted!

Original artwork and signature. My parody facial.

Irrational interpretations of our second amendment fuel fundamentalist & extremist demagogues & ideologues. Armies of angry, confused, and frustrated failures with semi-automatic weapons of mass destruction are a millimeter away from becoming nutcases with guns. The rest of us are a banana peel away from a coma!

Evangelical Christians, corrupt partisan politicians, and NRA members laid a groundwork for another Civil War as Uranus left Aries. As Evil tempts and seduces us, its disciples betray our minds, hearts, souls, and world while pretending to be real. Wannabe emperors, beasts, and frogs, clothed in lies and alternative facts, must see and be seen through a lens of good sense. It takes numerous years and myriad challenging lessons before bad choices can be transformed into healthy outcomes.

“Hasta la vista baby”

Uranus’s unpredictability, along with the blood, guts, and gore of war are a scary combo. Neptune in Pisces and Pluto through Capricorn and Aquarius can become noble and spiritual, or poisoned by passion, devoured by lust, and / or consumed by greed, hatred, fear, and terror. We must shift our broken philosophical and spiritual paradigms or be doomed to an eternity of Mass Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (MPTSD).

A “Big Bang” is a tale of Worlds, Neutrons, Supermarkets, Laundromats, Homogenized Milk, Wonder Bread, Scotch Tape, Model T, and Plastics Recycling, etc. Our human race has become a race against bad shit happening. Why must we always lose what we value to value what we had?

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