You don’t need a Leo sun, moon, ascendant, planets, aspects, or houses to be a Leo. Anyone with Leo hands behaves like a Leo. Fire (intuitive) and air signs (thinking) are masculine in gender. Earth signs (practical) and water signs (feeling) are feminine. Intuitive types have long rectangular palms with short fingers. Leo’s morphology and proportions are identical to Sagittarius and Aries. The differences are in hand qualities and features such as flexibility and stiffness, elasticity and consistency, and texture and color. Leo is a fixed type. Leo hands are stiff, dense, and firm. Leo’s skin is less elastic than Aries skin. Aries (cardinal) often acts without thinking, and then bounces back from the consequences. Sagittarians (mutable) have softer hands because Sagittarians tends to be more self-indulgent and pleasure-seeking.

Leo thinks big, but procrastinates. His life and head lines intertwine where a rosy bulge meets a strong stiff thumb on a firm pink hand. Head and life lines intertwining at their start reveals a person who cares what others think. The longer the braid, the more they care. Leos take many things personally, even when they’re not!  They need to be liked, appreciated, and never taken for granted; which can mark the beginning of the end.

Healthy Leos are highly spirited, enthusiastic individuals who dislike details and need to see the whole picture. They require freedom in order to express themselves naturally. Leos take pride in their honesty, integrity, dignity, and nobility. They’re proud independent objective thinkers who set inspiring goals as ways to channel their abundant energy and passion. Leo loves being center of attention. Creative, dramatic, generous, enthusiastic, and fiercely loyal, they embrace you with ‘pride’ and lavish you with ‘praise’ and then expect you to admire and worship them forever. Their many fans eagerly await their contagious humor and compelling stories.

Leo’s physical sense is sight. Leo’s esoteric equivalent is enlightenment. Leo must burn brightly without judgement or expectation, embrace truth, learn to see the handwriting on the walls, cut their losses, and let go of false pride. Many multi-talented Leos spread themselves too thin and end up becoming the proverbial jacks of all trades, masters of none. Potential health problems are eyesight, heart, and poor circulation.

Pure Leos have long and strong ring fingersShapes of tips, proportions of phalanges, knots, nails, lengths of fingers, directions of lines, and breaks, along with other qualities of topographical markings reveal what a person chooses to create with their free will. A seasoned palmist can readily see relationship skills, career potentials, behavior, and health issues. The consistency and flexibility of hands and the elasticity of skin reveals all three modalities. Whorl fingerprints (concentric circles and spirals) add originality, spontaneity, eccentricity, and unconventionality. It’s important to note that despite the accuracy of hand science, human nature cannot be defined through details, but combinations of details affected by free will, choice, action, and context. Palmistry is my all-time favorite of myriad metaphysical ways to observe and interpret human character.

I mostly look to ring fingers for artistic and aesthetic abilities, drama, versatility, salesmanship, showiness, gambling proclivities, satisfaction, and reputation. No matter what your type, strong ring fingers add adaptability, creativity, and expressiveness. Cultivated Leos love beautiful things and savor a developed sense of taste and style. Long ring fingered folk are likable and they know it.

The ring finger is judged for length against the middle finger. When the tip is shorter than the middle of the first phalanx of the middle finger, it’s considered short. When longer, it’s considered long. Hands of actors, artists, architects, designers, craftsmen, photographers, curators, businessmen, teachers, salesmen, politicians, and diplomats frequently have long ring fingers. Hands of gamblers also have long ring fingers. The major challenge with a very long ring fingered people is that they win, but don’t know when to stop.

No matter what your sun sign or hand type, people with square fingertips and stiff knotty joints are more practical, methodical, and cautious than those without them. Crooked fingers bring perfectionism, self-criticism, and potential moodiness. These folk have more inertia and tend to delay much more than Arians at beginnings and Sagittarians at endings. They like to place their objects and ideologies in designated locations in order to feel secure. If the middle phalanx of a pinky is shortest, a person is sorely challenged to keep them there.

Last time I checked, there have been more Fortune 500 and NASDAQ LEO CEO’s than any other sign. Our four most recent Presidents have all been dominated by Leo.

Bill Clinton is a multi-talented charismatic Leo. His long rectangular palms and short fingers reveal intuitive hands. See his Leo nature in his hands as you observe his head and life lines closely tied at their beginning. Bill cares more than you know about what others think of him. Unfortunately, Bill’s insecurity and false pride undermined the power he had worked so hard to acquire. Ironically and regrettably, philandering often comes with power. I’m sure Hillary (Scorpio ~ Capricorn hands) gave Bill a nasty spanking he’ll never forget!

George Bush desperately desired to be a ‘good old boy’. Unfortunately, he had too much unearned Bush power. He hung on to being a frat boy, well into his Presidency. George is a Cancer, but has Leo rising and hands similar to Bill Clinton. George is ruled by his false pride and ego centered motivations. Donald Trump has been a dark shadow for GWB. I’ll bet George feels deeply embarrassed about his choices and behavior as President and has finally learned humility.  He’s no longer the worst President in history.


Barack Obama is a Leo with intuitive hands that display more Aries than Leo. Barack has many of the best qualities of Leo. Proud, but respectful, he’s very loyal to family and friends who’ve earned his trust. Barack’s big challenge was being bi-partisan among partisans. Barack should have grabbed power when Democrats were still able to realize his ideals and highest values.


Donald Trump is a Gemini with Leo rising. Donald’s small stiff looking Leo hands with rectangular palms, short fingers, and closely intertwined head and life line reveal a man who cares what you think despite his attitude and behavior. Donald Trump flaunts the absolute worst qualities of Gemini and Leo. This guy blew a golden opportunity to truly love and be loved. How much tough love, tyranny, intimidation, and greed do we need before we learn to value each other, our health, families, planet, and basic gifts of life without having to lose them? Rest assured that Donald Trump’s eventual humiliation, shame, and fall from grace will be of great relief and satisfaction for the world!

Healthy Leos shine with strength and courage like the sun. Leo is naturally charming, talented, and versatile. Leo’s liabilities are self- consciousness, emotional insecurity, vanity, and clinging to obsolete circumstances and behavioral patterns by cultivating confusing circumstances and nursing fruitless relationships. Don’t ever take a Leo for granted unless you’re trying to make him angry or scarce. Leo must have an inspiring quest or risk mundanity and mediocrity. He gets easily bored when life gets routine. As big picture folk, too much order and detail can make Leo nuts. If you can’t help a Leo, stay out of his way. No matter your sign, if you have Leo hands, you love being boss.

Extroverts in general and fire types in particular, flourish best when they behave responsibly, honestly, patiently, and naturally in their relationships. Leo needs to learn to cultivate clear vision and enduring patience. That’s not easy for Leo as he’s naturally impatient and impulsive. Frequently accused of ‘being opinionated’, Leo’s point of view is so very important. Communicating clearly and effectively is a must. Leo’s biggest challenge is to establish clear boundaries and limitations and overcome inertia.

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