I sometimes quip, “Since I gave up hope, I feel much better”. People laugh, but it’s not a laughing matter. It doesn’t take a seer to see that the human race has become a race against bad shit happening. We’re being set up for a complete loss of faith and hope and the imminent undoing of the positive results of the hard lessons we learned and resolutions we implemented the last time Uranus was in Taurus from 1935 to 1942.

When Uranus transited Taurus last Century, the USA went off the gold standard. People began focusing on values and questioning materialism. President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Labor organized, forming unions that went on strike and engaged in sit-downs across the nation. President Roosevelt defended the Four Essential Freedoms: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. Hmmm…

Uranus in Taurus gave us the autocrat, ‘Citizen Kane’. William Randolph Hurst and Orson Welles (both Taurus) bullied each other over the making and releasing of the film. Self-righteous and determined, Welles smugly modeled the notorious media mogul Charles Foster Kane after Hearst. Despite his abundant natural charm, brilliant portrayal, and exceptional directing, Welles’s Taurus was no match for Hearst’s Taurus and corresponding ability to influence public opinion. Welles persisted in his righteous defiance of Hearst, but he failed miserably as Hearst endlessly tortured Welles with legalities and constantly bludgeoned him with bad publicity until he could no longer afford his principles, rise to his challenges, or control his self-indulgences. Like Kane, Welles longed for his lost innocence at the end of his life.

‘Less is more’ learned Midas as he yearned for the touch of gold, got it, and instantly transformed his beautiful daughter and their loving relationship into a hunk of metal. His food turned to gold as it touched his lips. The moral of Midas is to be stable, secure, healthy, and happy without having to have more than we need. We can master our darkness, embrace good habits, nourish relationships, choose higher purpose, feel satisfaction, and find fulfillment without being wealthy. Having too much or too little raises our awareness of what truly matters. Everything and nothing are of equal value; identical in nature, but different by degree. A billionaire dying of cancer will trade his fortune for youth and good health. A glamorous celebrity with a brain injured child will gratefully and graciously scrub filthy toilets at Grand Central Station to heal her child.

The New York Stock Exchange and Federal Reserve are bulls. In May, Uranus will return to Taurus for seven years. I predict widely fluctuating political, financial, and structural systems along with an extremely nervous and fickle public. Our spiritual, ideological, and philosophical paradigms must shift by mid-2019 or we’ll be facing another Black Tuesday like we did in 1929 as transiting Saturn opposes the Stock Exchange’s Chiron and squares its Moon. Pluto will square Jupiter as Uranus conjuncts Venus and Neptune opposes Mars! Why must we learn the most obvious lessons in the hardest ways? Why must we lose what’s most valuable by not valuing it? People born from 1935~1942 understand sudden unexpected gains and reversals. If you have a more helpful interpretation for Uranus in Taurus, please feel free to share.

Clients ask, “How long is my life?” “When will I die?” Life is about quality, not quantity. Everyone dies. The magic is your alchemy. Alchemy isn’t about turning lead into gold. It’s about transforming Saturn into the Sun. A healthy spirit chooses virtue, honesty, integrity, dignity, and nobility. A healthy Saturn embraces a strong foundation, structure, discipline, responsibility, loyalty, focus, determination, and persistence. Shine the brilliance of your Sun on the most hopeful, helpful, and constructive qualities of your Saturn and you will be an alchemist and your own best friend and bull shit detector.

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6 thoughts on “URANUS in TAURUS

  1. Your article is brilliant. I am having my Uranus return ,born 2 26 1937. My life journey with Uranus has been bumpy with large potholes. Have succeeded in spite of challenges. Have had wonderful lessons in how to achieve my goals. I believe that Uranus makes sure that you fulfil your personal blueprint in life no matter how hard you avoid facing some conditions. Fortunate for me my Saturn gave me stability,ethics,loyalty,and let me ride through the Trickesters deeds to trip me up,and
    Empowered me to self heal along the way. Now I am cleaning up,burning,shredding, all the stuff personally that I don’t want to leave for others,so I will be ready when it’s time for me to go home. Wonder what the trickster has set up for me before I go? Hahahammmm

    • Thank you. Sounds like you’ve handled your symbolism well. You’re lucky to have a strong Saturn and the smarts to go with it.
      I admire you’re not leaving a mess for others. I suspect you’ll transition quickly and gracefully when your time comes…

  2. Great article Mark. I’d just like to add-with regards to your comment ‘Why must we learn the most obvious lessons in the hardest ways? Why must we lose what’s most valuable by not valuing it? ‘-the most obvious red flag in the ‘let’s get this big lesson on a global scale’ will be the increase in major earth changes (read catastrophes) as the planet of kaboom enters this fixed earth sign. Forewarned is forearmed in the best case scenario and hopefully this incipient configuration will stimulate new and sustainable preventative measures, Uranus also being the planet symbolizing brilliant and innovative concepts. Include asteroid impacts be on that list of since Uranus rules air and weather. Hang twenty Taureans as well as everyone else, and honor your Mother- Earth, that is!

    • Thanks Ronnie. When I was devoting my time to saving the environment, my motto was ‘Think globally, act locally’. I’ve come to realize that the earth will ultimately take care of itself, though, like the dinosaurs, it may no longer need us. The good news is that we’re not even a speck in time and space!

  3. We’ve spent a lot of time writing and talking about the upcoming Uranus transit too. With all three outer planets in compatible feminine signs I think this is going to be a drawing in transformation. Instead of eruptions it is is going to be a series of constrictions. As the USA pulls back from the Breton Woods agreement that has kept us engaged globally, countries that started to emerge onto the global economy will sink back without that protective envelope. Expectations will contract towards a new lower set point at 2020 to 2022. For the Boomers accustomed to the expansive optimism of our youth when the USA was 50% of global GDP this withdrawal from the world stage will be hard to accept, but things change.

    • Yes. Change will be worldwide. Someone commented yesterday on Facebook that this May 14 will be the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel. I looked at Israel’s natal chart where Uranus is opposite Jupiter and Israel’s solar return where Uranus (at the last few minutes of Aries) is closely squaring Mars and conjunct Mercury. That concerns me as tensions with Iran can become explosive. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and we’ll soon know what will manifest…

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