Pinky Finger

Dominant Pinky FingerThis powerful looking pinky finger belongs to a communicative, curious, and quick-witted individual. Dominant pinky fingered people are bottom liners. They’re quick thinkers, excellent communicators, and aware that if their presentation doesn’t add up, they won’t make the sale. Although they’re childlike and cherish their freedom, they often end up marrying someone like their mother or father. They love children and will bear any burden for family. Dominant pinkies lead the way in science, law, medicine, writing, banking, and accounting.

Hermes is the Greek god attributed to the pinky finger. Peter Pan, Puck, Knight of Swords, Court Jester, Magician, Thoth, Loki, and Mercury are all manifestations of Hermes. These clever tricksters are all fabulous communicators and archetypes of wisdom.

Your own early family dynamic may be observed in the way the pinky is set on your hands. If it’s very short or low set, trust is a major issue. Many women who have very low set pinkies have told me that they have trouble having orgasms. Their real challenge is in trusting themselves and others enough to have real intimacy. The pinky finger emphasizes technical, language, and family, in addition to sexual potentials.

finger lengthsThe pinky finger is normally the shortest finger. To determine whether the pinky is considered long or short, look to where it lines up with the ring finger. When the tip of the pinky finger is above the crease between the first and second phalange of the ring finger, it’s considered long. When the pinky finger is shorter than that crease in the ring finger, it’s considered short. Hermes was the shortest of the gods. A dominant pinky fingered person tends to be short in stature. His or her body and face are slender, with expressive hands, dark hair, and penetrating eyes with crow’s feet in the corners. Ed Harris is a great example. Pinky fingered folk are very youthful looking with men frequently having thin beards. Johnny Depp is Hermes; also know as a Mercurial type. Most Mercurial types are androgynous and many (although they may not know or admit it) are bi-sexual. David Bowie is a perfect illustration. Michael Jackson (Peter Pan), actually lived in his very own Neverland. The pinky finger’s dominant physical sense is hearing. Pinkied people prefer small musical instruments that require a lot of dexterity. Their health issues center around the nervous and bronchial systems. They may have problems with headaches, thyroid glands, memory loss, and speech impediments. Healthy Mercurial types can be intuitive geniuses and great judges of character. Their liabilities are trickiness, fickleness, nervousness, restlessness, and superficiality. People preaching on soapboxes, most pickpockets, and a majority of con artists have dominant pinkies (most inwardly curving). Mercurial types make great lawyers, doctors, orators, writers, engineers, teachers, accountants, bankers, shopkeepers, and magicians. I work at special events with many great magicians. These amazing tricksters are Mercurial with dominant pinky fingers. They surprise and astound by deceiving the eye and mind.

curved pinky fingerIs this man telling the truth?  The chirological equivalent of Pinocchio’s nose is an inwardly curving pinky finger. If your pinky finger curves inwardly, you typically hate confrontation and spend way too much of your time behaving in ways that work. You’ve spent so much of your life acting and bending the truth that you aren’t even aware you’re doing it. Most curved pinky fingered people have learned early in life that “nice” works. Their primary challenge is that “nice” relationships end up being safe instead of satisfying. Curved pinky fingered people are peacemakers. They try to fix other people and circumstances. If you’re one of these people, be yourself and not whom you think everyone else wants and needs you to be.

Pinky ringGold and diamond rings are often found on the pinky finger of acquisitive people. Pinky rings can symbolize the sublimation of sexual energies in order to accomplish something requiring a lot of energy. I recently examined a group of fifty young men and women, all born into wealthy families in the 80’s. Considering the prosperity of the period, it seemed a paradox to me that every single individual had an obviously short phalange on the bottom segment of the little finger of his or her dominant hand. The bottom phalange represents the material world. Money will never be the motivation for this particular group’s career choices. Family issues and personal values will drive these individuals.

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Over the past thirty-five years, I've read tens of thousands of hands of people of every age, gender, race, color, size, shape, career, and socio-economic diversity. I've examined the hands of celebrities, billionaires, corporate executives, and the people who work for them. I've been in charge of the psychics at special events like the massive Bloomberg Company picnic on Randall’s Island and have worked at the Mayor’s country home and at Gracie Mansion. I've been a hand reader at PR events and family gatherings for the King of PR, Howard Rubenstein. I was the hand reader at Harvey Weinstein’s spectacular wedding. I've also read the hands of Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Star Jones, Kevin Kline, Kyra Sedgwick, Barbara Corcoran, Dave Brubeck, and Maurice Sendak, along with numerous other celebrities and their families. I've also examined hundreds of criminally insane people’s hands at a forensic psychiatric hospital in New York City over a two-year period. I've appeared on ABC The View, CBS Martha Stewart Living, CBS Evening News, FOX Good Day NY, Lifetime TV, Queens, NPR and WNYC. I've been featured in the NY Times, NY Newsday, The Daily News, The Village Voice, New York Magazine, INSTYLE Magazine, Family Circle, Modern Bride, Manhattan User’s Guide, and other periodicals. Because of my credentials in design and technology as well as my extensive experience with public appearances on television, radio, and in the print media, I'm uniquely qualified to promote palmistry. I offer five-minute reflections at special events, counsel countless couples, raise funds for diverse causes such as AIDS, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Schizophrenia, Arts Education, and the Environment. I taught Metaphysics 101 at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC for five years and have also spoken, offered workshops, and taught classes at the New York Open Center, Learning Annex, Source of Life Center, Hunter College, Pace University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Marymount Manhattan College, Theosophical Society, East West Bookstore, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and The National Design Museum in NYC. I also have a private practice with over 1,000 clients.

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  1. Wow i can see myself spending quite i few hours on this blog. Love your work, Regarding the pinkie finger… I have read that if the pinkie finger stand apart from the other fingers it represents and independant mind, what are your thoughts is this true?
    Look forward to you reply

    • Yes, it’s true that a pinkie finger that stands apart is an independent thinker. It may also mean that the person needs to take more personal space in intimate relationships. Every detail needs to be viewed in the context of the whole hand and person.

      • Hi there, both my pinkies are ridiculously small in comparison to the rest of my fingers they are both very small and very lowset, I’ve never came across anyone’s hands that are similar online or in person, just wondering if you’ve come across this before and what does it mean?

        Any guidance would be greatly appreciated,

        • Hi Sarah, I wouldn’t diagnose anything without seeing the whole picture. Yes, I’ve seen the kinds of pinkies you have. They’re usually also curved inwards as the child had to act in order to survive her formative years. I don’t want to talk where everyone can see it, but if you want to email me privately we can continue this conversation.

        • Hi Sarah

          I have the same problem with both of my pinkies on both hands, I have also never come across anyone else with the same problem its good to know its not just me.


    • Yes I agree, you may not be the most admired person in your family, but you will be forging your own unique path through life

  2. Fascinating. I have a large straight pinky. Find this all very true. 🙂 I wouldn’t call myself dishonest but I am good at talking people into things. I have a constant need for change, not sure if that’s related. I have spent a lot of my life travelling.

    • I prefer not to look at a specific detail as good or bad, but instead as representing specific challenges. Being separated from the rest of the fingers is pretty common. It symbolizes a need for space and independence. Depending on the how small the pinky is and how it’s set, the challenge could be putting yourself out in the world or it could be family or intimacy issues. The whole picture must be seen to understand the detail more clearly.

  3. Your Blog is wonderful! 🙂

    Can the low set be corrected? I think it has a lot to do on subconscious level , trust and intimacy issues.
    My pinkie is average length but is thinner in comparison to other fingers and the top phalange bends inwards what does this mean?
    Also some people have thick padded and long bottom phalange , is that bad?

    • Thanks for the praise. The younger a person is, the easier it is to change the morphology of the conscious hand. It takes some major nurturing, therapy, or a mental commitment to change the pattern which caused the hand to be the way it is in the first place. There’s an example in my blog of how a child’s low set pinkie was transformed over a five-year period. Palmistry and Children

      Regarding your pinkie, most pinkie’s are noticeably thinner than the other fingers. The inward curve is typically an avoidance of confrontation. The person has a tendency to make the peace, act nice, and be on good behavior most of the time. That is something you can change over time by shining light on issues that need to be seen and choosing satisfaction instead of safety. I’ve seen pinkies straighten out over years of conscious effort.

      I don’t like to look at features as good and bad, but what we choose to do with them that matters. People with long thick bottom phalanges on the pinkie tend to be more acquisitive than others. If the bottom phalanges on the other fingers are also long and thick, that person is probably self-indulgent. Especially around food.

  4. I have the very short piny fingers. I have four daughter’s and three of the four have the short pinky. My daughter, who has three boys all have the short pinky. I also have brothers and sisters with this trait. My mother also had the v. short pinky. Why is this?

    • Good question. I’d like to know why they’re short. Is it because they’re set low on the palm or is there a particular phalange on the pinkie that’s short? Are the pinkies straight or curved? There are a lot of hereditary traits that are passed down in families, however, behavior can also be passed down. Is the behavior of the one daughter who doesn’t have a short pinkie different than the others? Does she have an easier time putting herself out in the world? If you can send me hi-res digital photos of all the different hands in your family with low set pinkies, I’d like to examine them to see what else is going on in their hands.

  5. I have a small patch of black lines on the upper portion of the pinky (out of the three) which is around 3 mm in length. What does it imply?

    • I’d have to see it to understand what you’re describing. If they’re vertical lines, they might indicate mental stress that relates to your family or finances.

    • The lines are not vertical but horizontal —— (as so) Three on the right hand pinky and two on the left pinky. What does this mean?

      • Where exactly are the lines? on which phalanges? What are the qualities of the lines? are they long or short? close or far away? What else is going on in the hands? Ask a vague question and get a vague answer. sorry.

  6. Mine are extremely short. They are at least a full cm lower than the top line of the next finger. My other fingers seem fine, but these are extra short in comparison.

    • you have to look at how your pinkies are set on the base of the hand and also look at which phalanges of the pinkie are longest and shortest.

      • I liked ur suggestions and I likes ur articles hello sapna my questions is I have short and croved pinkies finger and In my right hand second line is very straight nd first is small nd little bit curves .. Do u know why it is ?

        • That’s a very hard question to answer without seeing the whole picture. My intuition tells me that you learned to deal with a dysfunctional early childhood and witholding parents by being very practical in your thinking and private about your feelings. I imagine you act like everything is OK when it isn’t.

  7. Great, great blog!

    I’m a right hand dominant and I’ve had some dreams about my left pinky finger being merged with the first/bottom joint of the ring finger. It was disturbing and after that I noticed in waking life that my left pinky felt stuck and inflexible or weak somehow – probably due to playing on a bad guitar, which I stopped. Still, I have this issue with my pinky and it feels like I can’t seem to mobilize it or really stretch it out properly, although it looks just fine physically.
    I think it is a psychological issue that maybe I can sort out by understanding more about this finger on the left hand? On my dominant hand the pinky is quite alive and expressive. The length of both are ‘normal’/ just up to the beginning of the upper joint on the ring fingers.

    Looking forward to your response 🙂

    • Be happy that the dominant hand is normal and healthy. It’s hard to be objective about your unconscious or subconscious hand. This is the stuff of psychiatry and early childhood issues. Someone may have caused you to feel insecure about your ability to communicate or for whatever reason you are or were reticent to put yourself out in the world. The good news is that your dominant hand shows that you have already or are able to overcome this obstacle.

  8. Hi, I know someone with small, thin, underdeveloped little fingers which always seem to be curled. I found I was repelled by him and as it turned out he lies and scams people. Are his fingers the giveaway?

  9. Thanks!
    I love to learn and i got good insight in the pinky finger. Thank you so much for your reserch..namasta!

    • You’re very welcome. The study of hands and human nature is never ending.
      I’m still constantly learning after reading tens of thousands of hands.

  10. I have an extra flange (not joint) on my dominant pinky I realy wished I knew what it meant…its not your regular thing in a palmistry book..

  11. This is fascinating stuff. I have long hands and fingers with the exception of my pinkie fingers. They are straight and look much shorter than the other digits. It’s because they are low set, with the non-dominant hand a bit lower. It’s like the pinkie is small and doesn’t belong with the others as it stands apart, especially on the non-dominant hand. Also the pinkie nails are tiny, like a child’s nails. What does that mean? Thanks in advance.

    • It’s hard to diagnose a situation without seeing the whole picture. It’s possible that you were a very sensitive child who was not encouraged to develop her communication skills or to assert yourself in your formative years. Perhaps your family was uptight about your sexuality. If you were a client, we would have a dialogue and the issues surrounding the finger would unfold.

  12. Interesting blog! I was just wondering if it is abnormal for my pinky finger to pass the first crease in my ring finger. It a rather substantial passing of about half a centimeter. Does it also mean anything? Thanks

    • That’s a very positive sign for your communication skills, assuming your pinky is otherwise healthy and everything else in your hands supports your efforts to communicate. Many very successful people have long pinkies.

  13. Wondering about the joint lines on fingers. Normal fingers have three, my right hand pinky has 4 lines. Does that mean something?!?

    • Everything means something. Does your pinky have four joints or an extra line? Which phalange has the extra line and where is it located. Is your right hand your dominant hand? What is the basic hand type and what else is going on in your hands? That being said, look at which phalanx is longest. The top phalanx is thinking, the middle is practical, and the bottom material. Which ever has the extra line may be interpreted as your energy is divided there. Perhaps you need to focus on more than one issue. If it’s the bottom phalanx it may be sexual and financial. Hard to tell without seeing the whole picture.

      • my right pinky also has 4 lines and the middle phalanax is the one that’s divided, it’s just lines but not joints, please let me know what does it mean. i’m right handed.

        • It’s best to use good sense. Both hands must be taken into account. Visually divide the middle phalanx of the pinky. If the top half is larger, mental and spiritual will dominate. If the bottom half dominates, the practical or physical will be dominant. The middle phalanx is already the practical part of Mercury (who isn’t naturally practical). Adding practicality might represent an unconscious battle between head and heart or freedom and responsibility. An examination of both hands needs an honest dialogue about what’s the best thing to do with the symbolism.

  14. I am so intrigued by this. on my right hand I have four very strong lines. does this mean anything?! I examined other people and they only have three.
    im just curious to know.

  15. I have four lines in total in my left pinky finger but only three lines on my right pinky finger.I am right handed person. Does this need to do anything with my life? Is it abnormal?Does it mean anything?Please respond I am curious to know about it. 4 lines on left pinky finger and 3 lines on right pinky finger and right hand dominant person. Reply please

    • Everything in the hands means something, but your description is too vague. It is unusual to have four horizontal lines. Does four lines mean four joints? Which phalanx is dominant and on which phalanx is the line? What’s the quality of the line? What’s the shape of the tip of the finger? What else is going on in the hands? What’s your type? How are the fingers set on the hands? Chances are that your extra line symbolizes a communication, family, financial, or sexual issue, but because it’s your unconscious hand, the meaning of the line may remain hidden until you acknowledge and address the challenge that it represents.

  16. Hi, I’m curious to know what a low-set pinky means for men on both hands. What does it mean? How can it be improved? Thanks

    • As usual, the whole hands must be taken into account to understand a specific detail. What’s the basic shape and proportions of your hands? What is happening with your other fingers? How long is your index finger? Are the pinkies short because of the way they’re set on your hands or are there any very short phalanges? Which ones? What is the condition of your head and heart lines? That being said and assuming all else is normal, your short pinkies are likely to symbolize a reticence to put yourself out in the world, or they may represent repressive sexual issues that have their roots in early childhood. Depending on how old you are and what your modality is, you must actively work on whatever your challenge is in order to change it.

  17. Hi! You have an amazing, informative blog! I have a straight and pionted low-set little finger. However when compared to the ring finger in length, it measures up to more than half of the upper phelange. My fingers are set in in an arch shape with a low set first finger, high set middle and ring finger (both equally set) and then the lowest-set little finger. There’s a lot of distance between rng finger and little finger. The upper phelange is the longest out of three. What characteristics does such a pinky portray? Thank you!

    • You’re obviously a good communicator, although you may be a little reticent or insecure to put yourself out in the world. It’s important to maintain your independence and trust your intuition. Embracing structure, discipline, and focus are very important for you to be successful in the world. That’s a bit superficial, but without knowing your type and seeing the whole picture, it’s all I can offer…

  18. Hi! Very interesting blog, thank you for putting all this information out there and taking the time to answer comments people leave– this is obviously something you put a lot of heart into!

    My question is this: I am thinking about dating a guy. His hands, in general, are very long fingered, with knobby knuckles, but the most notable thing I’ve noticed about his hands are that the pinkies are SIGNIFICANTLY shorter than the rest of his fingers (which are very long and straight in comparison!) and turned inwards. Should I be concerned? What can I expect from a person with such strange, characteristic hands?

    • I’d take a look at your friend’s relationship with his parents during his formative years. I suspect that he had to behave in ways that worked for them. His long knotty fingers make him a stickler for detail and order. Pay attention to whether he’s controlling or obsessive about his environment. How you get along is connected to your needs. If you’re a freedom lover or a slob, you could have serious problems, no matter how good your physical chemistry is. Your friend may have such deeply ingrained habits and behavioral patterns that he’s not even aware of them. This is all conjecture since I haven’t seen both whole hands. Other features in hands can support or mitigate my interpretation.

  19. I have an extra crease on my right pinky finger. The extra crease is fairly close to my palm itself, creating a shorter and smaller space. Then the space in between that, that meets with the first joint, is double the size that the extra crease creates. What could this mean?? I’ve always wanted to know. I hope I described it well enough…Thanks in advance. =)

    • As usual, it’s impossible to interpret a single detail without seeing the whole picture. Depending on other qualities of the finger such as straightness, knots, nails, shapes of tips, how the finger is set on the hand, and what’s going on with its relationship to your other fingers, it probably has to do with your values and / or sexuality. Perhaps money is not a motivation for you, but you are divided between following your values and having to make a living. Maybe your sexuality or sexual preferences are affected by family issues in your early childhood. Trying to interpret details out of context is like trying to see in the dark.

  20. I have a godfather who is a doctor. Cures patients by shaking their feet.. not the point. He also said that.every finger means something. Bent etc. Im 16 years old and he said when the pinky is bent. That means ” family secret ” do you know anything about this?

    • Mine is bent.too. and.he said.that age, just.imagine when.I get older.etc.. I.have.things.”.hidden ” too.. you know. me.when.he told me about that whole finger thing.

    • “Family secret” is an interesting way to look at the challenge. The person with the curved pinky is usually hiding the dysfunction in their early family life that caused them to fear confrontation and become a peacemaker. Parents frequently influence a child’s personality based on the parent’s needs. The more the child denies their own needs and tries to please the parent, the more the pinkies tend to curve. Unless consciousness is raised, that child will grow up and never truly be themself because they’re always trying to be “nice” and please others. Light must be shined on darkness or there’s no reason for anything to change…

  21. Great article ,

    I have short pinky fingers my right has a slight inward bend but left is very noticeable and painful. I am ashamed of it. I fact all my fingers are very short for a man.

    Always wanted bigger hands

    • Hi Jonathan, You’re probably a big picture person. People with small hands and short fingers are conceptual and tend to have no patience for detail. It’s certainly no reason to feel ashamed. Curved pinkies are problematic. It’s important for you to be yourself and not who you think others want or need you to be. Don’t be afraid to shine light on issues that need to be seen.

  22. My right hand long pinky has four flanges. The forth flange is half the size of the rest. I am the only one in my family with this oddity. One of my baby photos show this also.
    Does this characterize anything in my personality or objectives?

    • Everything means something. It’s up to you to figure it out. A long pinky is good for thinking and communicating. The bottom phanlange deals with the material world, so perhaps that is not a priority or your priorities are divided between family and making $. It’s almost impossible to tell without seeing the whole hand and picture.

  23. I am a 32 yr old male, that is left handed and born with small hands and feet. My pinkies on my hands both curve toward my ring fingers. Neither of my parents or younger brother have the pinky trait. Weird. I have always done well in life and school (math and science were my best) when I focus. I am an xray technologist and very good at it. I am actually the only one in my family to graduate from college. A big factor about me is I was a very tiny baby (2lbs4oz) not premature either. I frequently saw and endocrinologist when I was growing up and was constantly injecting myself with a growth hormone called petropin. The doctors weren’t sure if I was gonna reach 5 ft at all. Well I’m 5’6! Anyways sorry to keep running on. So does this mean my crooked little pinkies are actually a good thing?I’ve always been self conscious about them.

    • Hi Trenton, Curved pinkies have nothing to do with size and everything to do with behavior. You’re probably a peacemaker and people fixer. The trick is to not pretend like things are better than they are or act nice when you’re not feeling nice. You may have had a lot of frustration and anger while growing up around being a small man and compensated with niceness. In the final analysis, it’s better to choose satisfying over safe. I can’t really diagnose from details without seeing the entire picture.

  24. Wow, I just came across this blog and has been hooked.

    I was wondering what this meant:
    I’m a dominant right hand.
    On my left hand, my index, middle, and ring finger are longer than the ones on my right hand, but my left thumb and pinky are shorter than the ones on my right hand.
    I see that the bottom parts of those three left fingers are longer.
    My left pinky is below the top line of my ring finger, but my right pinky is above the top line of my ring finger.

    Does that mean anything if they’re both different like that?

    Hoping to see a reply.

    • Of course everything means something. When the non-dominant hand has longer fingers there’s usually unfulfilled potentials in the individual. Perhaps you could be a lot more ambitious, or structured, or artistic, but have chosen other directions for whatever reason. This is where a dialogue with a client is important. You must have worked on your communication skills as the dominant pinky is longer. A stronger thumb on the dominant hand is also a positive sign. You’ve learned to exercise your will power. I really can only speak in abstractions from the information you’ve given me. You should go back to the beginning posts in my blog and determine your type and examine other qualities in your hands. good luck.

  25. Hello. My left pinky finger has only 1 line just the bottom line. Normal joins but only one line instead of 2. What does this mean? Can’t find the answer anywhere and nobody in the family has such thing. Thank you.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pinky with two joints and only one line. I’d like to see an image of it in the context of the whole hand. If you’re right handed than the issue is probably unconscious. The top phalange would be substantially long and blend the practical and thinking sides of what that finger represents for you.

  26. Hi! Thank you for a great blog! I’d be grateful if you you could answer a query I have.

    My hands are smallish with fingers shorter than the palm. The heart and head lines are well defined and long. The life line is thin and short.

    What does a pinky finger that’s straight, pointy and is set more than a centimetre lower than the other fingers mean? How could the problem be corrected?

  27. I find it weird knowing that my left pinkie is shorter than my right one, like the left one is below the line and my right is crossing it.

    • If your right hand is dominant, that can be a very good thing. It means you’ve overcome or are conquering what ever in your past has held you back from putting yourself out into the world. Perhaps you’ve come to terms with some dysfunctional family history. It’s hard to know without seeing both whole hands and having a dialogue about your symbolism and real life correspondences.

  28. I’m happy to have come across your blog. Thank you for the very informative explanations. I look forward to receiving your newsletter.

  29. Hello, Mark! Thank you for this blog!

    I have a rectangular palm and short, straight fingers. The middle and ring finger kind of stick together and tilt towards the index finger. Ring finger is longer than the index finger. Thumbs are small, curve backward, and are close to the palm (like at a 60deg angle). The mercury finger is long given the size of other fingers but looks feeble, and small because it’s very low-set. It also stands significantly apart from the rest of the hand, like it wants to break away. My hands are hard in consistency and have a very light pink colour. Palms are wider near the wrist.

    I find myself having problems in communicating. Do you see it in the details I’ve given? Can I change them for the better? Are there any other issues i need to work on?

    I’d be grateful for your insights. I wish you all the luck in your endeavours.

    • Hello H.S.. Thank you for caring.

      From your description of your hand, I’d say you’re an intuitive type with a huge desire for freedom and an extreme dislike for routine and order. You feel like rebelling, but have a pressing need to be practical and responsible. You’re ambitious and have your own style. When mundane becomes routine. you become impatient and frustrated. My advice is to make a decision to work on your communications, lite a fire under it, and commit to whatever it takes in terms of discipline, structure, focus, and saying ‘NO’, to make it happen. Be yourself and not who you think others want and need you to be. If something can be misunderstood, it probably will be.

      Feel free to send hi-res digital photos of your hands held closely by the sides of your face to ~

      • Dear Mark,

        I do have an inconsistent personality because I’m so unsure of myself, I try to copy those I admire. Finding myself, being myself has been a very difficult task for me.

        You’re right on the money about everything else too, except on me being ambitious. I don’t want great things. All I want is a simple life, and to be content and happy. I either gave you too little or probably erroneous information. In any case, I will email photos of my hands to you.

        Thank you for taking time out to reply.

        H. S.

        • I’m ambitious. It may sound incongrous with the outer world, but my greatest ambition is to be peaceful and feel centered, whole, and happy. Everything else flows from there.

  30. I have alow set little pinky fingers at my both hands and both of them are very short. My right little finger’s nail is damaged andboth of my little fingers are curved outwar and bends towards my ring fingers.what does it mean. If there is a problem what is the solution?

    • This is a behavioral issue that is the stuff of psychotherapy. It goes back to early childhood where (as a result of dysfunctional parenting) you learned to act differently than you felt on the inside. Depending on what else is going on in your hands, you may act nice, even when you don’t feel nice. Maybe you’re a peacemaker or a fixer who attracts fixer-uppers. It’s hard to say without seeing the whole picture, but the solution is to see things as they are and not be afraid of confrontation. You must learn to shine light on people and situations that need to be seen clearly.

  31. I’m having only one horizontal line instead of two on right palm little finger.what is the significance of it.

    • If you have only one joint in the little finger, the bottom phalange is missing. You’re not motivated by money and materiality if that’s the case.

  32. i have this problem too been asking this question for the past years why is my pinky so small sometimes i even want to cut them off because of shyness. and also i really dont wanna straighten on the floor or wall or to anything so that someone can see it.
    how would i send you a pic for you to see?

  33. Hi, Mark!

    Do low-set little fingers also mean that the person is not smart, is probably even dumb? That s/he may not be successful in life?

    • I’ve met plenty of smart people with low set pinkies. They have to work harder to communicate, but can be just as successful as a normal healthy pinky.

  34. hi i have 4 lines on my both pinky fingers rather 3 lines…proper 4 lines …can u plz tel me y i have 4 lines…when people have 3 lines……

    • I can’t interpret what that means without seeing both whole hands. One of the three normal phalanges is divided and it’s likely that the meaning of that phalanx is also split. If it’s the tip, the issue is mental, middle phalanx is practical, or the bottom is material. I most often see the bottom phalanx divided by a horizontal line in the middle and usually not by having an extra bone. Sometimes it relates to a person who doesn’t care about money having to support their family. I’d suggest you find a really seasoned palmist with a great reputation to help you figure it out.

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