When I was thirty-eight years old I married Joanna, a twenty-six year old dancer. Joanna has an Aries sun, Gemini moon, and Taurus rising. Her square palms, widely spread flexible fingers, and low-set stiff-thumbs, along with head and life lines closely tied together at their start are the epitome of rebellious stubbornness. I affectionately call her “RamBull.”

I have a Gemini Sun, Taurus moon, and Scorpio rising. My square palms and widely spread, very flexible, long fingers reveal the versatility of my nature. I have to work extra hard not to get distracted – to be disciplined, structured, and focused. Joanna calls me “a piece of work in progress.”


Before I asked Joanna to marry me, I took a close look at her hands. Traditionally, most palmists look for conformation of marriage in three places in the hands: horizontal lines under the pinky finger, lines touching the life line within the ball of the thumb, and lines connecting to or branching from the fate line. This is a nebulous area of palmistry; marriage can be difficult to judge in terms of detail and timing. Joanna had one horizontal line under her pinky finger that indicated to me that she would commit to a life partner in her mid-thirties. I considered that maybe our timing was off and said so, “Your hands say that you won’t be ready to fully commit to a life partner until your mid-thirties.” She proceeded to tell me how palmistry was wrong and I was up to my eyeballs in bullshit.

We married despite palmistry. Joanna is twelve years younger, which makes us ‘the boars’ at Chinese New Years parties. When Joanna was thirty-three and I was forty-five, Cassie was born. We team worked like never before to be the best parents we could be. When Cassie was two years old, Joanna said to me, “Do you remember when you told me that I wouldn’t truly commit to a soul mate until I was in my mid-thirties and I said you were crazy?” I nodded.“You were right.” Palmistry doesn’t always show external events accurately as much as symbolizing internal changes.

Marriage preferences, propensities, and potentials will be discussed in more depth when we get to individual character types. Speaking of nebulous areas of palmistry, our daughter Cassie didn’t appear in my hands until after she was born.

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Over the past thirty-five years, I've read tens of thousands of hands of people of every age, gender, race, color, size, shape, career, and socio-economic diversity. I've examined the hands of celebrities, billionaires, corporate executives, and the people who work for them. I've been in charge of the psychics at special events like the massive Bloomberg Company picnic on Randall’s Island and have worked at the Mayor’s country home and at Gracie Mansion. I've been a hand reader at PR events and family gatherings for the King of PR, Howard Rubenstein. I was the hand reader at Harvey Weinstein’s spectacular wedding. I've also read the hands of Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Star Jones, Kevin Kline, Kyra Sedgwick, Barbara Corcoran, Dave Brubeck, and Maurice Sendak, along with numerous other celebrities and their families. I've also examined hundreds of criminally insane people’s hands at a forensic psychiatric hospital in New York City over a two-year period. I've appeared on ABC The View, CBS Martha Stewart Living, CBS Evening News, FOX Good Day NY, Lifetime TV, Queens, NPR and WNYC. I've been featured in the NY Times, NY Newsday, The Daily News, The Village Voice, New York Magazine, INSTYLE Magazine, Family Circle, Modern Bride, Manhattan User’s Guide, and other periodicals. Because of my credentials in design and technology as well as my extensive experience with public appearances on television, radio, and in the print media, I'm uniquely qualified to promote palmistry. I offer five-minute reflections at special events, counsel countless couples, raise funds for diverse causes such as AIDS, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Schizophrenia, Arts Education, and the Environment. I taught Metaphysics 101 at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC for five years and have also spoken, offered workshops, and taught classes at the New York Open Center, Learning Annex, Source of Life Center, Hunter College, Pace University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Marymount Manhattan College, Theosophical Society, East West Bookstore, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and The National Design Museum in NYC. I also have a private practice with over 1,000 clients.

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  1. Dear Mark as well as Joanna, What a truly interesting article and subject matter to be working with. I think it is the beginning of a fabulous ,or continuation of a fabulous career in an area that we all mostly know nothing about. How I would love to learn more about it, and how it pertains to my daughter who is now engaged and even myself.

    I was born on April 18th 1959 and share some similar qualities to Joanna. The worst thing for me is that my husbands birthday is 3 / 28 /1956, obviously an Aries as well. We have a tough time of things. In fact that is why I am out on the sofa tonightI do believe he is the more stubborn of the two of us. Never met a soul like him. Truly , unbelievably unique!

    He never wanted to marry till her met me when I had become divorced from J.on and He, Eddie was approx 40. Every one debated weather it was more frightening to marry a divorcee or marry a man who did not have the desire to marry till he was 40. For the most part we get a long, but we certainly have our moments. To me it seems he never gives in, by that I mean saying (I am sorry) when one should be. On the other hand I say it when I should not as I seem to say it all the time with no just cause. It was just how I was raised unfortunately.

    I found your blog very interesting and look forward to reading more as you continue Mark.

    It has been a very long time since we met, probably right around this interesting wedding, or relationship. Every thing has row sides and always I have heard from Joanna. She and I have befriended since face book brought us back together. I am so happy to have her back to some extent in my life. I love her as we never parted. She speaks so highly of you, so I tend to think she knew that you two would work out despite your thoughts about it. Thank you for writing about your knowledge and sharing it with us folks.


    • Sure, I remember you Deborah. Thanks for responding to my blog. Joanna and I both made the right choice. Thanks for getting staying in touch. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    • a person’s hands change as their thinking and circumstances change. A small change in the direction or quality of a line can represent a huge change in a life. I’ve noticed the greatest changes in the hands of feeling types and the least changes over time in hands of sensation types.

  2. How to have my palms read by you, how much would cost me and how soon could it be done? Please, reply it by e-mail. Thank you so very much.

  3. Hi!
    I have been reading a lot about the affection lines/union lines. I am confused over one issue. How can one figure out if a line is a branch or a fork?
    The major affection line in my palm is long. However, there is a branch/fork which comes out in the very beginning of the line and goes in a diagonal way above the main affection line. This branch/fork is not long, and as I said earlier, my main affection line from which this branch comes out, continues to go straight into the palm ahead, and curves a little towards the heart line. What does it mean?
    Thanks and Regards to you and Joanna.

    • Hi Rita,

      If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I am uncomfortable with interpreting isolated details. It’s important to see details in the context of the gestalt of the individual and also in light of a specific question if that’s possible. Which one of the four basic archetypes are you? Which of the three modalities is dominant in you? What is the direction and condition of your heart-line? What about the consistency and elasticity of your hands? How old are you? What is your current relationship situation? That being said, whether there is a branch or a fork, there is probably duality and possibly ambivalence. The straight line could represent a long marriage based on practical considerations. Perhaps the marriage has or will become somewhat mundane and another intimate relationship is carried on simultaneously for the length of time the branch represents. Maybe it’s someone you and your partner are already close to. In my experience, having a dialogue with a client is much better than giving a potentially wrong meaning to an isolated detail.

      • Hi!
        Sorry as my reply comes very late.
        My hand is of the ‘feeling’ type. I couldn’t figure out the modalities, as I feel I’m quite a mixture of all three. My handshakes are warm, my thumb sticks out but it’s less than a right angle. I’m always excited when something new starts, but I also give a lot of commitment to it as it goes on, I’m a writer, singer, and pretty diplomatic. If you would ask what’s dominant, then it would be ‘adapter’.
        My hand is full of lines. The head and life line start together. The heart line ends in many forks, the first going between index and middle finger, and the remaining forks are in the mount of jupiter.
        My mounts are full, especially moon and venus.
        I have 4 affection lines. The details of the major line was as told before. The three below are more weird.
        The lowest one has a fork too, but they seem to go parallel and close together.
        The two above that, are weak and one of it comes down to touch my lowest affection line in the end.
        I have two fate lines, almost parellel, and I have two extra life lines, one of which is totally parallel to my main life line. The other one breaks in between and starts again.
        I’m 22, and my (first) boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me. That really devastated me and got me thinking about my lines and if they meant more trouble. I feel I have a connection with him, and that we will eventually get back together. Also, to clear, I am not the kind of person who believes in casual love or relationships, I’m a one man woman. So it really confuses me to see 4 relationship lines.
        Love and Regards to you and Joanna.

        • Your written description shows that you’ve looked carefully at your hands, however, I’d need to see and feel your hands and have a dialogue with you in order to make any kind of recommendations. I suggest being discriminating in your choices of men and taking your time in getting to know them – no matter how good the physical chemistry is. Stay away from men who are in existing relationships. Those four relationship lines do not necessarily mean four relationships.

          • Well, thanks for your advice!
            I would keep that in mind. 🙂
            Thanks and Regards to you and Joanna.

          • It just struck me that I didn’t tell you we were in a long distance relationship. Could the branches/forks have to do something with that?

  4. hi
    I have some concern about marriage line on my palm , I stay in India and my friend whom I intend to get marry lives in USA , we are planning to get marry after 2-3 yrs.

    My concern is , marriage line on my both palm have fork .. so I am bit worried about this as we are seriously committed each other and we don’t want any trouble when we get marry .. please advise

    • As always, it’s dangerous to look at a single detail without seeing the whole picture. How old are you? What’s going on in your partner’s marriage lines? Have either of you been married previously? If you’re seriously committed to each other, I wouldn’t let a fork stop me from marrying. Maybe you’ll be living in both countries, which could fulfill the symbolism of the fork.

  5. Sir, I could you please tell me what does a long parallel fork at the beginning of a marriage line signify? For example, consider two lines running close to each other almost in a parallel fashion….then both of them joining to form a stronger line that runs well. Please guide me, as I am learning palmistry and am very curious to know.
    Thanks in advance.

    • As usual, talking about one detail out of context is a very difficult challenge. What type of hands are we talking about and what else is going on in both hands? The fact that the fork comes together as a stronger line is a positive sign. The fork may symbolize that one of the individuals may be married, or in another relationship, or coming out of another relationship. It’s very difficult to interpret without seeing the whole picture.

  6. Thank you for replying Sir. I know it is not fair to comment on any line without seeing the overall hand. But still, whenever I google search ‘marriage line beginning with a fork’, I find that it means a ‘long engagement’ or a love marriage (as we have the concept of love marriage and arrange marriage in India). I also read somewhere that it means separation before marriage.
    But if you were to give a general meaning to it, would it mean that two people are not together, inspite of knowing each other for a long time, and that both of them would eventually unite (since the line joins to form one strong line)?
    Thank you. Cheers!!

  7. I have three marriage lines on my left palm. Out of which first is short second one is longer and the third one is short. On my right hand there are two lines. First one is very close to heart line and second one is little away from the first line but longer and prominent. What does that indicate?? Also based on this I would like to know at what age I will get married???

    • Hi Sneha, Time is very difficult to judge in the hands. It’s a small amount of space for a whole life. As I’ve said many times before, I would never attempt to judge anything in the hands from a written description. If your right hand is dominant, than two lines indicate two significant partnerships. The one nearest the heart line is the first. The other is later. I sometimes use astrology to help me with timing. An important Jupiter or Saturn transit can sometimes coincide with a marriage or other important event. It’s also important to see the other person’s symbolism when judging relationships.

      • Thank you for the reply.
        If I give you my date of birth, time and other details will it be helpful to judge ?

          • Hello Mark,

            I had read your reply long back and then I thought, may be asking a question in writing won’t help. But since I have been trying for this for almost three years now, I thought I will ask you again if more details would help to predict anything? I just gave it a try, was not even sure if I would get a reply on a two year old query. Thanks a ton for replying. If more details would help, can I inbox you instead of writing it down here? I would be more comfortable that way. If not I will share it here.


  8. Hello sir,

    Thank you so much for the helpful post. If possible could you please answer my query because i have some confusing indications on my palm.
    I am a right handed 23 yr old female, and love life hasnt yet worked out for me. My attractions some how have been to emotionally unavailable people or one sided in nature.

    Right hand
    One affection line that begins with a fork or an island but is strong and deep
    A cross on jupiter mount
    An influence line from mount of moon that joins the fate line

    Left Hand
    3 affection lines,2nd one being the strongest but has an island in between
    An influence line from mount of moon that cuts the fate line

    My left hand is very different from my right hand. the life line and head line on the left hand is short and filled with islands but my right hand is better as the life line is long and clear and head line is wavy.

    Is its possible to state what these indications means with respect to the type of relation i will share with and partner. Would really appreciate if you could reply.

    • Hi Jamie,

      From you limited description of isolated details in your hands, it’s not possible to examine your relationship issues. The morphology of your hands and fingers and the condition of your heart line is much more important than peripheral lines. It’s also important to look at the hands of potential mates. Even if you have great relationship symbolism, if you choose an incompatible person for yourself, the relationship is unlikely to work out as you had hoped. No matter what, I wouldn’t attempt to diagnose relationships from a written description of a hand.

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