Palmistry and Intuition

The Intuitive archetype has rectangular palms and short fingers. These highly spirited, enthusiastic individuals dislike details, need to grasp the whole picture, pride themselves on their honesty, and require a lot of freedom to express themselves naturally. They’re extroverted, very busy, objective, independent thinkers who must learn to set goals in order to accomplish their objectives. Easily bored when life gets mundane or routine, the Intuitive types needs to stay inspired and passionate while cultivating clear vision and enduring patience. They’re frequently accused of being opinionated because their point of view is so imperative. Communicating clearly and effectively is a must. The best way for Intuitive types to flourish and blossom is to behave responsibly and naturally in their relationships and creative self-expression. Intuitive types can be broken down into three individual character types: Pioneers initiate (Barack Obama), Actors maintain, and Wanderers adapt.

“The most difficult job in the world is not being president. It’s being a parent.” Former President Bill Clinton is an Intuitive type. He’s an Actor. Born three months after his real dad died, Bill was raised by an abusive alcoholic stepfather. Many Actors spend much of their lives searching for approval from father figures because their own fathers were physically or emotionally absent during their formative years. A lifelong quest for an Actor is a hero’s journey to become a devoted father figure who loves unconditionally and without expectation.

Although people question Bill Clinton’s character, Bill is actually true to his character. He’s a Sun / Jupiter type, which blends Apollo and Zeus, two of the most powerful, charismatic, and sexiest gods in Greek myth. Bill can rule the free world, have fun, enjoy sex, and play the saxophone, all at the same time. Zeus was famous for his seductions and philandering. Apollo was irresistible. It’s not easy to find healthy creative outlets for all that libido. Many of the most powerful men and women in the world are philanderers with sexual addictions. Excess testosterone comes with the territory.  Zeus could have whatever female mortal he wanted. His problem was getting away with it.  His wife Hera was famous for kicking his butt by punishing his conquests and their offspring. You can bet Hillary booted Bill’s behind when he got caught. It’s hard to get away with much when you’re a public figure and mortal.

You don’t have to be an Intuitive type to have intuition.  Short fingered people in general having a stronger gut level intuition than long fingered folk. People who have conical fingertips and smooth joints on their fingers tend to be more intuitive than people who don’t. When the head line dips down toward the heel of the hand, intuition and imagination play a greater role in the person’s psyche. Some people have a line of intuition curving toward the percussion of the hand, which also increases their sixth sense. There are certain dermatoglyphics (skin ridge patterns, which will be discussed later) that indicate enhanced intuition. Of course, by paying attention to and using our intuition, we begin to learn to trust it. I sometimes have accurate and unexplainable insights while examining someone’s hands. I chalk that up to having cultivated my intuition over the years.



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