Palmistry and Thinking

Thinking is one of four basic human functions. The other three functions are Feeling, Intuitive, and Sensation. One function (or combination of functions) is dominant in each of us. You can quickly see which of four functions rule you by observing the shape and proportions of your hands. Thinking types have square palms and long fingers, often widely spread. They’re communicators who love the idea stage of development, before projects materialize. Acquaintances often  accuse them of being impractical dreamers, but without them, not much new would happen. When they detach themselves from mundane reality, they can gain objectivity and perspective on almost anything. On the downside, they tend to overvalue the intellect and downplay emotion. As the most social of all types, they’ll acknowledge your point of view, even if they don’t agree with you. Although they’re capable of dealing with plenty of analysis, detail, and information, they’d much rather be unencumbered and free from mundane realities. Easily distracted, they become scattered and resist being focused, disciplined, and structured. Less cultivated thinking types are notorious for being nervous, restless, superficial, and unreliable.

A majority of palmists look at the headline first to interpret how a person thinks. The direction and quality of a person’s headline determines the direction and quality of their thinking. A headline can be short (serious) or long (analytical). It begins where the thumb meets the hand and may be connected (inertia) or separated (initiative) from the life line at it’s beginning. It can run straight across the hand (objective), turn up towards the pinky finger (acquisitive), or dip deep into the heel of the hand (imaginative). The quality of a line is crucial to its interpretation. Dr. William Benham, the father of modern western palmistry, had his electric current theory. He believed that lines conducted a person’s thought currents, just as electrical lines conduct electricity. If something impedes the current, it interferes with the function that the line represents at that particular time of a person’s life. There are many possible obstacles on a head line: islands, chains, breaks, dots, frays, chains, crosses, stars, etc., each with it’s own set of challenges.

When I first began studying palmistry over thirty-five years ago, much of the writing on the subject was didactic and fatalistic. I had a huge island in the middle of my headline (picture not me) extending over a four to five-year period. Older palmistry writings described a state of insanity, possible institutionalization, or at best, a state of utter confusion for that period. Needless to say, I was worried. I called my brother, Gary, who was in the process of becoming a psychiatrist at the time. I explained my situation and expressed my fears. Gary asked me what the quality of the line was like after the island. I told him that it was strong and clear. He replied, “Don’t worry about it. You’ll figure out what it is when you get there and deal with it as you go through it.” He was right. I did get there and understand it, although I still had to go through it. Knowing it would end made it a lot easier to cope. That’s one of the advantages of being able to see what challenges lay ahead in your hands.

By looking at our little finger, we begin to learn more about our thinking and communication skills. Our pinky is the shortest finger. When the tip is longer than the crease between the first and second phalange of the ring finger, it’s considered long (more communicative.) When it’s shorter, it’s considered short (less communicative.) An inwardly curving pinky indicates issues with truthfulness. We can see technical, language, family, and sexual issues in our little finger. Early family dynamic may be observed in the way the pinky is set on the hands. If it is very short or low set, trust is a major issue. Many women who have very low set pinkies have told me that they have trouble having orgasms. Their real challenge is in allowing themselves to have intimacy.

Fingertips also provide information about our thinking function. Each finger has three sections, divided by two joints, each of which may or may not have a developed knot (knots indicate a need for order.) The top phalanx represents our thinking. When it is dominant (longer than the other two phalanges), the thinking function dominates that aspect of our character represented by the particular finger. A rounded fingertip or loop fingerprint symbolizes enhancement of the social aspect of the thinking function. A spatulate fingertip or whorl fingerprint accentuates unconventional and original thinking. A  square fingertip or arch fingerprint increases the practical quality of a person’s thinking. I’ll get much more specific in future blog entries when I write about the twelve character types. I’ll also include case histories of family, friends, clients, and celebrities.

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Over the past thirty-five years, I've read tens of thousands of hands of people of every age, gender, race, color, size, shape, career, and socio-economic diversity. I've examined the hands of celebrities, billionaires, corporate executives, and the people who work for them. I've been in charge of the psychics at special events like the massive Bloomberg Company picnic on Randall’s Island and have worked at the Mayor’s country home and at Gracie Mansion. I've been a hand reader at PR events and family gatherings for the King of PR, Howard Rubenstein. I was the hand reader at Harvey Weinstein’s spectacular wedding. I've also read the hands of Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Star Jones, Kevin Kline, Kyra Sedgwick, Barbara Corcoran, Dave Brubeck, and Maurice Sendak, along with numerous other celebrities and their families. I've also examined hundreds of criminally insane people’s hands at a forensic psychiatric hospital in New York City over a two-year period. I've appeared on ABC The View, CBS Martha Stewart Living, CBS Evening News, FOX Good Day NY, Lifetime TV, Queens, NPR and WNYC. I've been featured in the NY Times, NY Newsday, The Daily News, The Village Voice, New York Magazine, INSTYLE Magazine, Family Circle, Modern Bride, Manhattan User’s Guide, and other periodicals. Because of my credentials in design and technology as well as my extensive experience with public appearances on television, radio, and in the print media, I'm uniquely qualified to promote palmistry. I offer five-minute reflections at special events, counsel countless couples, raise funds for diverse causes such as AIDS, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Schizophrenia, Arts Education, and the Environment. I taught Metaphysics 101 at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC for five years and have also spoken, offered workshops, and taught classes at the New York Open Center, Learning Annex, Source of Life Center, Hunter College, Pace University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Marymount Manhattan College, Theosophical Society, East West Bookstore, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and The National Design Museum in NYC. I also have a private practice with over 1,000 clients.

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    • Thanks. I’m blogging at the moment instead of writing a book. Platform is as important in the publishing industry as content. Tell your friends who are interested in reading hands about my blog. I need a following before I can approach the literary agent I’m interested in…

  1. Thanks for the post, very well written. Can you tell me how did you feel when you went through the time period where an island is indicated on your head line?

    • I felt confused and indecisive for nearly five years. Not every minute, but it was hard to make major decisions. When I came to the end of the island, timewise, I felt much clearer and haven’t felt unclear since. Of course, the island is still there to remind me of what that time was like.

      • Thank you for your reply, can you also explain as to what happens when the islands are in the non dominant hand(almost like a big chain 2 to 3 big islands) but absent in the dominant hand(slightly smaller).
        Thanks a lot .

  2. i also have a big island on my head line. and i have been very worried about it. can u share ur experience with me? may be im thinking too worse outcomes where as it coudlnt be that way? the island ends and then the headline is solid and dark and striaght

    • I mentioned my experience with my own large island in the post you’re responding to. It’s important to look at the rest of the hand and other lines to see whether there’s confirmation and also what your timing is. The prognosis is definitely better when a line is clear and deep following a challenge on a line. At best, assuming it hasn’t happened yet, you can expect some confusion and indecision. At worst, the effect may feel like you’re going crazy. You can raise your consciousness and realize that it may feel worse than it is.

  3. I have a cross symbol on my middle of head line on left hand and a big Island at the end of the head line of right hand. I read that if a cross symbol is present then person will be undergo insanity. I am much worried about this and is in a great fear that I will be mad. Please answer me

    • Don’t believe what you read from old palmistry texts. They’re didactic and fatalistic. A cross on the head line is generally an obstacle. The line is usually formed because of other lines and you have to determine the nature of the cross and the timing. If the left hand is your non-dominant hand than the obstacle may be unconscious. The big island at the end of the head line on the dominant hand is problematic because a person can be chronically indecisive or go round and round trying to make decisions. Everything is there for a reason and by raising your consciousness and acting accordingly you can change your thinking, behavior, and corresponding destiny.

      • Thanks . Nameste, love those words, and lines you wrote.!:);)..a indicater , but nothing impossible if you have a postiv mind etc. ,)

  4. Thank you brother for your reply. I am in depression from last 2months and thinking that I will be mad. That cross symbol is on my left hand which is my non dominant hand. Because I write on right hand. So will my left hand be my non dominant hand. I don’t know which is dominant hand. But I read that for ladies left hand is read for palmistry. Is it right. Please reply me because I am thinking of committing suicide. My brain is not working

    • The hand you write with is dominant. Hang in there ~ even the hardest challenges pass as you raise your awareness. If I were you, I’d check my physical health out to see whether there’s a chemical imbalance. I’d also find someone who can counsel you out of your confusion. Two months may feel like a long time, but it isn’t. Your depression may just be temporary.

  5. Ok thank you very much. my cross symbol is present on my left hand. So that effect is null or less and Island is present on right hand starting from apolo mount. I am afraid of that cross only which is on my left hand at the age of 34to 35.and my age is for this only I am afraid of very much. Because every where it is written that if cross symbol is present then you suffer from mental illness and at the end you become insane.

  6. Hi sir i have a cross on the right hand at the middle of headline under the mount of apolo so what does it mean.

  7. Sir I have a star symbol on the middle of my left hand head line and it is written everywhere that if a star symbol is present and head line continues after the headline then insanity happens instead of death. I am right handed. I also read that for boys left hand is studied instead of right hand. So due to fear all my hand and legs tremble. Please answer me as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  8. I have two headline on my right hand both attached to life line to some point. Then one head line goes straight and other bend down to mount of luna. What it signifies suicide or insanity. Please answer me

    • It’s hard to diagnose a situation without seeing it. I have seen people with two headlines many times. It most often symbolizes a battle on the inside between being creative or practical. It could also represent a tendency to be analytical instead of trusting the intuition. It’s unlikely that insanity or suicide are options unless a lot of other factors support that.

  9. Dear brother I have double headline. One is going straight and other is steep down to mount of luna. There is a very big Island at the end of head line which is straight. What does it mean. Will I be insane at the end of my life. Please reply so on as I am eagerly waiting.
    Thanking you your sister

    • Hi Pooja, As always, the entire picture must be taken into account instead of analyzing individual details. It’s possible that there’s a battle going on inside of you between embracing your creative intuitive side and being practical. Practical is likely harder for you as that island may symbolize going round and round with practical decision making. You may be choosing for the wrong reasons like thinking you should or are supposed to do something instead of wanting to do it. My advice would be to trust your intuition, but don’t overindulge in fantasy. Illusions can easily become delusions if you dwell in them too long…

  10. I have also same situation i have small chain like about 3 to 4 periods of island in the middle of head line is that a bad sign ?plz tell me i am worry about it

    • Don’t worry, be happy. It’s important to see markings on the lines as not ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but challenges that need to be addressed. Islands on the headline often symbolize periods of confusion or indecision. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good life, meaningful relationships, or fulfilling work. I use astrology generally to time markings on lines. It makes it much easier to know when patterns begin and end. Your age and where you are in relationship to those markings right now is important to understand.

        • Hands are small spaces to see a whole life and accurately time changes. Astrology is about cycles and patterns. Everyone developmentally goes through certain types of changes at certain ages (in their own way). I observe hands and astrology together. When it makes sense, I apply it.

      • Oo sir i am very thankful to u well i m in stress for about last 2 to 3 months and some bad things also occured like depression mental breakdown in that period . And i felt that it is due to islands on my head line

        • It’s important to understand whether your situation is acute or chronic. Most sadness,anger, and depression pass over time. A tiny island can symbolize a two or three month difficult period of confusion and indecision. If the island is followed by clear line, you’ve likely made your decision and ended your confusion. If there’s another island, you have another chance to put on your critical thinking cap and figure out how to end your confusion. You can also acknowledge that there’s a reason that you’re confused and meditate on that without being judgemental or critical of yourself. If your middle finger is crooked toward the ring finger, you may want to seek a compatible psychologist who can help you sort out your thoughts and feelings.

  11. I have also 2 vertical lines not on mount of mercury but between the mount and ring of mercury whats that?

  12. My 1st sun line forked downward and ends on heart line than another sun line starts from the head line and join with the fate line also forked downward can u explain it

  13. Thank you for this interesting article. I have a very large island on my head line which begins at my fate line and is 2cm long and 4mm wide.
    My head line continues for about another 1.5cm after the island but also seems to split off in a couple of directions.
    This occurs on my right hand which is my dominant hand but not on my left hand.
    I am wondering if you have any advice as to how to address any challenges this island might present.
    Thanks in advance for your wisdom.

    • It’s very important to know your age and where you are in time in relation to the island. What is your basic archetype and what else is going on in the hands. Reading isolated details is a dangerous trap. That being said, you may have to accept indecision during that period or force yourself to make a decision and possibly still be divided. You can take two directions in your thinking. The best thing you can do during that period is to make decisions and then create foundations and frameworks that support your corresponding actions. You will understand in hindsight as you go through your process.

  14. thanks , i have an island 2 to 3 periods it ends and again many small branches. At the lower side not on the upper side. They bent and looks like an oval islands chain is that a bad sign?

    • I don’t think I can judge what’s going on from your description Aisha. It’s nearly impossible without seeing what you’re describing. I also need to know what else is going on in the hands. I tend to not see details as good or bad, but as challenges that need to be addressed. The best thing you can do to remedy your situation is to make decisions and stick with them until there’s some kind of resolution – one way or another. Perhaps you need to trust your intuition more. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  15. Dear brother,
    I want to ask you that I have a broken health line which joins with my life line. I read it from Internet that when health line joins with life line it is the time of death. Now I am 35 yrs older and pregnant. So I am afraid of ceassarean delivery and scared to death.actually I am in severe depression also and ocd thought of harming others and self. So i am thinking that what will happen if i will be violent or will harm myself in OT .I think I will die in OT?.I think I have 2 broken health line one at age of 35 then sharp health line and another health line at 50 but both joined with life line. Please reply me what it means.will I die during delivery

    • Dear Dia,

      I am not an expert medical palmist. I have written a post on palmistry and health which you may find helpful. Many people have the line of health connected to the life line and they are healthy and live long lives. Even a broken line of health is not necessarily a problem, but a period when it’s important not to abuse the liver and kidneys. Some of the healthiest people I have met have no line of health at all. Please do not worry. Try to be happy, have a healthy child, and be a great mother.

  16. I have all negative sign in my hand.what shall I do I don’t know. I am in severe depression fromm last 2 years.I hAve girdle of venus, I have double headline and one goes to mount of moon,I have a big island at the end of the headline. I have a broken health line joined to lifeline. I have a big fateline ending at mount of saturn but there some break at the middle of fateline. I am thinking of committing suicide if I will not recover from depression. I think I will never out of this depression due to such negative signs which all shows mental illness. Please suggest some remedy.
    Thanking you

    • Hi Naina,

      I’m sorry that you see so much negativity in your hands. It’s hard to see clearly when you’re feeling depressed for so long. My advice is to see the markings in your hands as challenges to be addressed. A girdle of Venus is not a bad thing – you may be vulnerable, sensitive, and impressionable and need to take extra caution in choosing and trusting people. A double headline is not a problem. It sounds like you have a very creative side and have trouble making decisions. People with islands at the end of the headline often go round and round and frustrate themselves with too many choices. The remedy for that is to just make a decision and if it turns out not to be a good one, let go and make another decision. A long fate line shows that you are not afraid to do the work. Lots of people have breaks in the fateline where they changed career or had some other major life change. I think that a change of attitude is necessary to catalyze a change in circumstance. Seek out help from someone qualified to enable you to begin to make small positive changes that will help you get over inertia and gain momentum in a positive direction. I’ve seen many people overcome many difficult markings in their hands. They’re there – not to damn you, but to empower you to exercise your will power and change. You can do it when you decide that it is possible.

  17. Thank you so much brother for your positive reply .I have also via Lascivia( poisonous line).I am always thinking that I will be mad and whatever mad people do i will do this.but i never did this in 2 yearsof depression. Iwas taking medicines from psychiatrists but now i am pregnant so i stopped medicine.ok no problem let see what happens in my life? From today I leave it to god.I gOT encouragemental from you. Once again thank you very much

    • The notorious “via lascivia” can indicate food sensitivities and allergies. You may be naturally energetic and find yourself suddenly feeling like taking a nap. It’s probably something you’ve eaten that no longer agrees with you. You must learn to pay attention to the connection between your diet and how you feel. Many people with these markings have celiac disease, dairy intolerances, sensitivities to caffeine, nicotine, sugar, alcohol, etc.

      Congratulations on the pregnancy. This is a great reason to let go of fear and be joyful. Don’t worry, be happy.

  18. Hi mark,
    This is Ana I have a strong branch from head line cutting fateline, and the fate line is getting wide with dots from there I also have a triangle and circle on fate line, all covered by big square.
    The end of my fateline has an island and it is at heartline
    I think mine is a very complicated hand, I am not sure these are good or bad signs ,but dots on fateline make me really worried as I don’t have a job now. Will I have a very bad fate

    • Hi Ana,
      It’s best not to see markings on the hands as good and bad, but as challenges that need to be overcome at certain times. Dots may be temporary setbacks or obstacles. Squares protect whatever are within them, so you must decide that you will bounce back and land on your feet no matter what the obstacle. Don’t worry, be happy. mark

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