Real Palmistry and Mitt Romney’s Hands

Mitt Romney is a Sensation type. Anyone with square palms and short fingers falls into this category. Sensation types are driven by their physical senses. They are the most practical, responsible, reliable, dependable, pragmatic, and objective of the four basic archetypes. They innately understand how the material world works. They trust what they can see and feel, not their inspirations, ideas, or intuitions. They get so involved in practical matters that it limits their imagination or any abstract ability for that matter. They have to be careful not to get addicted to routine and order. The world of work and family dominates their whole life. They love their homes, family life, friendships, and food. The Sensation type’s biggest challenges are learning to trust their gut, to give up control, and to let go of fruitless ideas and circumstances once the proverbial handwriting is on the wall.

Mitt Romney is an Objectivist. The Objectivist is the most materialistic of all types. He’s the King Midas of the twelve types. Driven by his very strong need for security, he’s honest, dependable, and generally doesn’t bend the truth or do a song and dance act for anyone. Objectivists thrive in real estate and banking. They love comfort and beauty and dream of power and wealth. They’re famous for their stubbornness and obstinacy as they relentlessly court their followers and wear down their opponents. They’re charming, but can be controlling, jealous, and possessive. Objectivists are creatures of habit and need to pay attention to their habits from the get go. They procrastinate at beginnings and endings and are inclined to maintain what they’ve started, even if it’s wrong.

I generally dislike working from photos because I’m unable to feel the flexibility, elasticity, and consistency of a person’s hands and skin. I’d be willing to bet that there’s a lot of stiffness in Mitt’s fingers and thumb.  It’s also impossible to see the intimate details in a person’s lines and skin ridge patterns (dermatoglyphics). Mitt’s headline and lifeline are tied together at their beginning where his thumb meets the hand. Unlike President Obama, Mitt needs to be appreciated. He takes things personally. He cares what you think and wants your approval. Mitt’s heart line appears to gracefully sweep across his hand towards his index finger. He’s old fashioned and sentimental. I could see him crying at predictable old movies. He’s definitely not a hop in the sack kind of guy. He needs a little candlelight, a nice meal, some pleasant music, and perhaps a little fantasy role-play. Although Mitt is very  successful in the world, he procrastinates about whatever it is that he doesn’t want to do.

Fortunately, Mitt has Ann, who (like Obama) has a separated head and lifeline and gives him a kick in the butt when he needs it. Ann appears to have dominant index fingers (compared to her other fingers). She’s ambitious and pushes Mitt onward.

Everyone is concerned about what degree of conservative Mitt is. I see him as driving down the middle of the road in the hopes of avoiding a collision with the extremes of his party. His stance on the Right to Life issue is one sticky area for him as he’s afraid of alienating the extreme right. Mitt needs every vote he can get, however, he will ultimately serve his most powerful supporters. I don’t think much is going to actually improve if Mitt becomes president. We’ll slowly transform from a bureaucratic democracy to a bureaucratic plutocracy. The middle class will still serve the wealthy; only this time they’ll have consciously chosen their destiny.

There’s controversy as to whether Mitt is left handed or right-handed. He says he’s left handed and yet there are many pictures of him signing autographs with his right hand. In palmistry, the hand you write with is your dominant hand. If I’m not mistaken, Mitt’s index finger on his left hand is much longer than the index finger on his right hand. If he’s left handed, he has worked very hard to build self-esteem and learn to value himself. I saw that combo in Martha Stewart’s hands where her dominant index finger was much longer. If Mitt is right handed, a large part of his motivation for power is about proving that he’s worthy of having it. If he’s elected, being president will be much harder for him than he ever imagined.

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4 thoughts on “Real Palmistry and Mitt Romney’s Hands

  1. Hello Mark ,

    A lot of these changes happen subconsciously , I mean the negative ones ! It’s tragic.

    I am right handed, In my left hand my index finger is strong and long , mercury is evenly set , heart line crosses the hand and ends near the crease of jupiter finger , lower venus developed and wide.
    Interestingly , in my right hand pinky has dropped a good one inch , venus is restricted and my heart line is set low and ends below saturn. I am only 19 and i don’t consciously remember something particularly tragic happening to me to alter my hands this way.
    It worries me if i have changed for the worse.

    • That’s unusual, I frequently see the opposite. What it means to me is that you must find a way to realize the powerful potentials in your unconscious hand and then make whatever decisions and take whatever actions you need in order to become more whole and happy and fulfilled. If you haven’t chosen to change for the worse, you haven’t. Don’t worry. Perhaps psychotherapy would help you to understand and choose to fulfill the potentials of your unconscious hand now that you’re recognizing them and conscious that they exist.

      • Thank you for insight 🙂

        How can i work on bettering my Mercury finger , it’s puny and low set as i said on my right hand? Can it strengthen within time?

        Warm Regards!

        • You can strengthen or straighten anything if you’re willing to do the work. Mercury requires clarity, focus, and discipline. Without them, little will change. Be crystal clear in your intent and communications. Changes don’t come quickly or easily. You will change on the inside, before the change will show on the outside.

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