Aquarian Hands

You don’t need to have an Aquarius Sun to be Aquarian. All thinking types have square palms and long fingers. Pure Aquarian types tend to have medium to low set stiff thumbs, inflexible fingers, mixed round and square fingertips with broad nails, and head and life lines closely intertwined at their start. More analytical, technical, and scientific types have well-developed first phalanges and knots on middle fingers and dominant second phalanges and knots on ring fingers. Many have strong straight pinkies with long first phalanges and smooth joints. Inventor and designer types have whorl prints on square tipped thumbs and/or spatulate tipped ring fingers. Other fingers have loop prints. Aquarians tend to have less peripheral shallow lines than mutable types and more deeply etched basic heart, head, life, and fate lines than cardinal types. Gemini and Libra types reveal very different hand qualities.

Everyone has Aquarius somewhere in their symbolism. Aquarians are cool and detached, but highly sociable individuals. They avoid intimacy while spending a lot of time in a world of their own ideas and inventions. Aquarians need to become more aware of their Leo opposition. Most think they can solve problems better than other people (many can), but their egos get in the way. They value free speech, but overvalue their opinions, which can at times be obnoxious.

Aquarians relish a revolution when a cause is right. As independent and progressive beings, they pride themselves on their originality and flaunt their eccentricities. They must learn to value their uniqueness for what it is and not for the sake of being different. Aquarians usually attract other free spirited unconventional and unusual types. The best way to influence an Aquarian’s thinking is to be completely logical. It’s hard to for them to argue with good sense. Aquarians love technology. Encourage them to be creative. They’ll be happier.

In mundane astrology, when Neptune exited Aquarius in 2012, our greatest illusion and deception was that public policy was getting better for old, poor, and sick people. Sadly, too many are searching for physical and spiritual answers and finding nothing. Profits from false prophets are confusing and controlling the 99%. Plutocrats who financed our political campaigns own the partisan politicians who control our health care, manage our welfare, gamble with our pensions, and risk our social security. Greedy monopolies will devastate over a billion people aged 65 and over by the time Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024. As Pluto in Aquarius traumatically and tragically transforms our personal and planetary inequities, humanity will finally understand what’s truly valuable. We will learn the hard way to look and see, listen and hear, and ask the right questions.

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  1. I’ve been feeling out of sorts and I haven’t been able to pinpoint why, but I don’t think it’s indigestion. I hope that we can do something to, if not avoid, at least soften the blow. I know that my generation – the one between the Baby Boomers and the Millenials – needs to take a more active stance; make ourselves heard and felt. If we don’t, we may never have the chance to change our minds. I’ve only recently pulled my head out of the sand and I have promised myself that I’ll keep chipping away at the part of me that shrinks away from confrontation in favor of the illusion of peace and quiet because that’s what it is; an illusion. Ignoring a nuclear bomb doesn’t make it go away.

    • This is supposed to be the beginning of the ‘Aquarian Age’. We’re on the verge of spiritual revelation and a revolution for brotherhood. It can’t happen soon enough for a human race that has become a race against bad shit happening. No matter what you personally decide to do about it, your challenges and their solutions are waiting for you at the ends of your arms. Your character in past, present, and future is in your hands.

  2. As a Triple Cancer, I’ll always be a feeling type. But reading your notes about Aquarian Hands, I see that my Aquarian aspects were always there. They seem to be coming to the fore these days: I’m now in a PhD program for Information Studies. For an artist who’s logged 40 years in the studio, that was a weird but internally logical shift. Aquarian-wise, I’ve also noticed that I’m watching things go down these days with unusual detachment. I see an archetypal Black Hat riding the range, wrecking havoc, and he is no Zorro. The plot will thicken as more and more people wake up to the fact that they must act – and find fellow travelers all over the place. Thanks Mark – messenger and sh*t-kicker!

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