Donald Trump’s Horoscope from a Palmist’s Perspective


Most astrologers know that unless it’s critical, no one is actually watching the clock when a child is being born. Donald Trump is a Gemini with Leo rising. If Donald had been born ten seconds later, he would have Virgo rising. His small Leo hands with rectangular palms, short fingers, and head and life lines closely intertwined at their beginnings confirm that Donald embraces Leo. He was likely born earlier than 10:54 am.

Small handed people are big picture people. They abhor detail and love grand ideas. It’s easy to see Donald’s behavior embodies shameless grandiosity along with the most negative attributes of Leo’s behavioral patterns. He’s narcissistic, self-centered, self-indulgent, superficial, ostentatious, egotistical, ruthless, greedy, bossy, seductive, and a lousy role model. Why do we prostrate ourselves before an over-clothed self-appointed emperor on a polished brass pedestal? How many gilded towers, glitzy gambling casinos, graven images, beauty queens, shark tanks, and celebrity idols do we need? What has happened to Donald’s (and our) humanity? It’s mind boggling to witness how a person can be so physically wealthy and spiritually bankrupt at the same time.

Donald’s Mercury square Neptune and corresponding curved pinkie fingers confirm Donald’s pathological dishonesty. Mercury’s dark side is the trickster, magician, con-artist, and pick-pocket. The court jester has become king. Donald’s north node in Gemini is conjunct those Mercurial archetypes. The North node in Gemini is a karmic invitation and responsibility to join society in order to share higher consciousness and lend humanity a helping hand so that we can all exercise higher mind. It’s easy to see how Bill Clinton (Leo) and George Bush (Leo rising) screwed up their Gemini north node opportunities. Donald Trump has already done more than his share of damage. Perhaps he has fulfilled his karmic obligation by clearly exposing the dark underbelly of democracy and capitalism. If you’re looking for more dirt, research what Donald was up to on the exact dates in 2011 and 2012 when Pluto squared, then opposed Donald’s Mercury Neptune square. Look for scams on dates in 2012 and 2013 when Uranus opposed and squared that same combo.

Donald’s head and life lines are closely intertwined at their beginnings. Despite his callous behavior, Donald craves your approval and cares a lot about what you think of him, though he doesn’t care about you. Donald’s day of reckoning is coming. During 2016, Uranus in Aries has been squaring Donald’s Saturn Venus conjunction in Cancer and will continue to square it in 2017 while transiting Saturn opposes his Sun and conjuncts his Moon. If you want to speed up Donald’s meltdown, millions of people should tweet to Donald J Trump “YOU’RE FIRED” on the following astrologically selected dates in 2017 – April 2, May 6, July 7, August 7, 12, 20, and 30, October 11, November 8 and 17. Anytime is a good time, but the above dates are the most effective. Donald’s hubris will finally take him down when the critical mass of horrors that he has perpetrated will no longer be acceptable to the masses. George Bush had a similar problem. Hopefully, he’s gained some humility with hindsight.

Author’s note: many people have curved pinky fingers. They are not pathological liars. A majority of people with curved pinkies are just trying to avoid confrontation. They’re peace makers because they learned as children to ‘be nice’ and ‘not make waves’. Many too often end up choosing safe over satisfying in their lives.

10 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Horoscope from a Palmist’s Perspective

  1. Fascinating. I love the marriage of astrology with palmistry done with so much intelligence. Thanks for posting! (I have Sagittarius Rising…I actually had to delete all the exclamation marks I’d originally plunked after each sentence. But still…that was terrific.) (Again, deleted another one.) (Dammit.)

  2. If only everyone could see him this way. Unfortunately, some may not like him personally, but are solely in favor of hoarding their money. “Like Trump, not paying taxes.’
    He should be ashamed. Instead, he’s proud of his despicable self. The thought of anyone voting for him, is as disgusting, as he truly is.

  3. Greetings,
    I know that I’m “Late to the party” but I just discovered your blog.
    You write ”
    “It’s mind boggling to witness how a person can be so physically wealthy and spiritually bankrupt at the same time.”

    Do you think that DJT is a manifestation of the U.S.’s current wealth and spirituality?
    Thank You So Very Much,

    • Hi Marlene,

      I think DT is a symptom of a very troubled world in which we substitute money for values and religion for spirituality. The human race has become a race against bad shit happening. I do think that DT has taught us not to take what we value for granted. Hopefully, losing what we need and love will mobilize the masses to take action. I wrote a rant called ‘Blood Moons and Biblical Prophecy’ some time ago and it still applies.

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