Your Fate is in Your Hands

finger-lengthYour middle finger (Saturn) is the ‘finger of fate’. It’s the balance wheel of your hand. It should always be the longest finger, although sometimes it may appear less long because the index and ring fingers are longer than average. Healthy Saturn types need to embrace structure, discipline, and focus. Harnessing these qualities is another story. Saturn is easily frustrated and often his own worst critic. Finding healthy outlets for all that persistence and will power are essential for maintaining a healthy life.

10.cancerMiddle finger types are loners who need alone time. Overdeveloped senses of responsibility, obligation, and guilt make them less inclined to marry than other types. They’re trust worthy, dependable, organized, efficient, and patient. They may also misspend their time feeling frustrated, pessimistic, self-critical, depressed, and fearful. Being overly responsible and perfectionistic are a formula for frustration and guilt. See how the strong middle finger in this hand magnetically draws the other fingers toward it. Lloyd Wilson is an incredible artist and artisan, confirmed bachelor, and very loyal friend. He worked as a night watchman for many years and devoured a wealth of art and literature in the process.

Middle-fingered folk are frequently tall, slender, and angular in appearance. Pure types have dark hair, large bones, stern features, and bland complexions. Their prevailing physical sense is smell. Many love string instruments and enjoy classical music with a tinge of sadness. Potential health problems include teeth, knees, ligaments, and hardening of arteries, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and deafness in the left ear.

Donald RumsfeldWhen a middle finger leans towards the ring finger, you have an individual who is very private. When he’s feeling confined, controlled, or restricted, he gets cranky. Notice the curved middle finger on Donald Rumsfeld’s left hand. Calling him a curmudgeon is an understatement. Abraham Lincoln (Aquarius) and Clint Eastwood (Gemini) are quintessential Saturn types. Saturn dominates conservative business people, real estate tycoons, technical writers, craftsmen, therapists, night watchmen, master criminals, morticians, undertakers, and derelicts. Saturnians with dominant top phalanges and strong pinkie fingers lead the way in research, science, mathematics, and humor.

Do you have a dominant middle-fingered boss? Be sure to do your homework with a very sharp pencil. Precision, attention to detail, and realism are vital to achieving your goals. Don’t be late and don’t make excuses. Assume responsibility. Be pragmatic, objective, reliable, and dependable. You’ll avoid criticism and get praise as you earn it.

The middle finger is the finger of destiny where vision and delusion meet reality. No matter what else is happening in your hands, your middle finger forces you to face the facts. You must do what needs to be done. It’s always about taking responsibility and doing the work. Remedies for Saturn maladies are inherent in the challenges in and around the middle finger. Whether you take responsibility and do the work or not, your hands will show your truth. A grille (schmutz) is a bunch of lines crisscrossing under the middle finger. That’s a sure sign of a frustrated perfectionist or a procrastinator not doing what needs to be done. People with schmutz beneath their middle finger are their own worst critics. They must learn to lighten up, bite the proverbial bullet, and smell the roses. Over time the schmutz will clear and the affirmation will add momentum. Putting one foot in front of the other is the best medicine for letting go of inertia and frustration. Healthy intent and appropriate actions will eventually reduce or erase the grille. The healthiest people have the healthiest middle fingers.

This post was extracted from a much larger post on Capricorn.

6 thoughts on “Your Fate is in Your Hands

  1. While I have some definite Saturn tendencies, I don’t think I’m a pure type. To the extent Saturn is a strong influence on me, this article is very helpful. As usual I wish Mark could look at my middle fingers and tell me how I’m doing; but last weekend, when I buried my mother, a long phase of Saturn-like activities culminated in a gentle, if tearful day. So I suspect I’m doing alright – no schmutz, or schmutz all cleared. Thanks Mark for elucidating the Middle Finger!

  2. What does it mean to have the bottom part of the second phalange ( or the top part of the third phalange) of the middle finger sticking out at the joint? The area sticking out points towards the index finger. Is there a way to straighten this area?

    • hmmm. hard to diagnose without seeing it. sounds like the second knot is more developed on the index finger side. I’d want to know what else is going on in your hands. Perhaps you have a challenge around being practical or organized in your career. If the knot pushes the top two phalanges toward the ring finger you may feel too responsible or obligated to enjoy your freedoms. This is just conjecture. There is a behavioral correspondence to whatever is going on and that’s the work that’s needed to begin to straighten out that joint.

  3. What you call conjecture is actually fact:). The top Phlange points toward the ring finger a bit…more in my right dominate hand than the left. Very, very helpful. Appreciation! I would love for you to read my hands because I’m not sure of my correct birthday. Since the hands don’t lie, I’m hoping to find a clue in my hands that might pinpoint my birthday. I study astrology and what I’m finding is “off”. This lead me to a conversation with my mother who informed me that my birth certificate was fake and that I was possibly born on the day before around midnight. (She couldn’t really remember because I’m child 3 out of 11). I’ll be back in NYC soon…what is the best way to get an appointment with you?

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