Real Pioneers – Colin Powell

Colin PowellU.S. ex-Secretary of State, ex-General Colin Powell is a perfect example of a Pioneer. Born April 5, 1937, with his Astrological Sun and Mercury in Aries, it’s easy to see his rectangular palm, short fingers, and widely separated life and headline. Colin Powell is a modern version of the great Greek hero King Theseus of Athens, who accompanied Jason and the Argonauts on their quest for the Golden Fleece. Theseus defeated the dreaded Minotaur (Saddam Hussein, a Taurus) and united the warring Greek factions under his rule. Secretary Powell’s commanding personality persuaded Americans to keep the faith while we invaded Iraq. I believe that he believed that he could make a positive difference, but he ended up being goldenly fleeced by the Bush administration. While our Emperor pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, he proudly wore Colin Powell’s noble charisma, flawless credibility, and ethical principles on the front lines of international diplomacy. Powell’s largest battles are yet to come as he wages war between his personal loyalties and his own honesty, integrity, and dignity. In order to cleanse his legacy and be a true hero, Colin Powell must shine the light of absolute truth on the many shades of gray in his life.