Real Pioneers – Al Gore

Al GoreAl Gore is an Intuitive type and a Pioneer with rectangular palms and short fingers. In astrology, Mars and Aries rule Energy and War. Jupiter and Sagittarius rule Politics. Al’s Sun in Aries, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Leo, and Jupiter in Sagittarius, provide Al with an abundance of inspiration and motivation to transform both energy and politics. Tens of millions of Pioneers all over the world are destined to become involved in energy, war, and politics.


Al’s Intuitive hand shape and long index finger say he’s an ambitious and egocentric natural leader. He’s a modern version of Jason, who with the help of the Argonauts captured the Golden Fleece. After his tenure as Vice President, Al bagged the coveted Nobel Peace Prize by opening the minds of the masses to the hazards of Global Warming. As a conceptual thinker, Al loves the idea part of the process. His strength is in his ability to see the big picture. Once he decides what he wants to achieve, Al backs up his point of view with statistics and makes his case. Fortunately, Al doesn’t have to deal with too many details of those statistics because he has no aptitude or patience for details. As a modern day hero, Al needs to pour his inspiration and passion into a worthy quest. As a person of great privilege, he needs to practice what he preaches.