Introduction to Real Palmistry Stories

Author’s note: Over the next several months, I’ll share an eclectic mix of tales of real life heroes and anti-heroes who you’ll recognize in yourself and others. We each embody the best and worst qualities of one or more of twelve basic archetypes that comprise the core family of western myth. I hope my stories inspire you to see your hands as a portal to being your own best friend and bullshit detector.



The Pioneer is the most courageous and adventurous of all twelve types. He’s an inspired risk taker and a natural hero. As a naturally energetic and enthusiastic person, his passion is contagious and optimism eternal. He’s ready and willing to compete with anyone at any time and place. He never runs out of doors to knock on because he doesn’t take rejection personally. He’s an independent, freedom loving, naturally rebellious type, who hates being criticized, detests bureaucracy, and believes being his own boss is best. If he’s dedicated to a worthy cause, he’ll crusade relentlessly until he realizes his aspirations. When he has low set thumbs, he’ll seek out underdogs who he can defend.

As an Intuitive type, the Pioneer is not a detail person. He needs to see the whole picture, to set sensible goals, and to build sound structures on solid foundations. When he gets bogged down with mundane tasks like office work or bookkeeping, he becomes bored, restless, and impatient. When he’s frustrated, stay out of his way if you can’t help him. Executives, military leaders, soldiers, policemen, firemen, salesmen, surgeons, barbers, and butchers (anyone unafraid of blood or working with sharp instruments) have strong Pioneer symbolism.

Hands of pure types feature rectangular palms, short fingers, and puffy pink bumps where the thumbs meet the hand. They have a well-developed percussion (bulging side of hand under pinkie finger). The consistency of their hands is firm and their skin is elastic (quickly returns to normal when pushed or pulled). An overall pinkish or reddish coloration to the palms energizes the person. The headline and lifeline are frequently separate where the thumb meets the hand.

marsWe all have a Pioneer in our symbolism. To the degree he’s present, we take chances and overcome our inertia. His Greek mythological archetype is Ares, symbolized by the popular male sex symbol also known as  Mars, Roman god of war. In astrology, Mars rules the sign of Aries ascending in the first house of the natural horoscope at the birth of spring. Mars was an invincible warrior and lusty lover. The Pioneer is often built to match, with a solid athletic body sporting a dominant chest and head. As a physically healthy type, he has an amazing resilience and ability to bounce back, always landing on his feet. Mars types have a powerful sense of inner strength and tremendous courage. His physical problems include headaches, fevers, inflammations, and high blood pressure. Mars is the mythological ancestor of heroic pioneers such as Jason and the Argonauts, King Theseus of Athens, Joan of Arc, Robin Hood, and his popular eastern cousin Aladdin, the orphaned son of the king of thieves, a handsome adolescent street rat, a diamond in the rough destined to be a prince.

My next blog entry will be a tale of a real life Aladdin. Although Al’s thinking and circumstances are unique, his underlying character parallels his archetype. His story will unfold as we examine his hands. Following Aladdin, I will post a series of short vignettes of family, friends, clients, and celebrities who are Pioneers.