Palmistry and Creativity

“The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt”   Sylvia Plath

Clients say, “I’m not creative.” “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” “I couldn’t draw a straight line if my life depended on it.” They think being creative is being artistic. Some ask, “How can I be more creative?” I encourage them to use their imagination, be original, think critically, and view creativity not as a destination or goal, but as an innate birthright.

Tarin ChaplinPeople agree that creativity is a good thing to have, though few can effectively define it. Scientists try to measure our C.Q.s along with our I.Q.s. Neurologists designate the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex of our brain as the location for creativity. Creativity and hands are inextricably linked. Hands may be a small body part, but they occupy a large space in our cerebral cortex. As we solve problems, our hands carry out the messages of our minds, do the work, and topographically map our motivations, character, behavior, values, thinking, feelings, will power, health, relationships, philosophy, purpose, hopes, wishes, fears, and spirituality.

Creativity is like the bastard prodigal child of great joy and intense suffering. Researchers agree that creativity thrives in extremes and opposites. It can sprout in brilliant light or total darkness, blossom in absolute good or darkest evil, and flourish in razor sharp focus or complete distraction. Western mythology links creativity, sex, death, and transformation. Like us, creativity is born, procreates, and dies.

Creativity produces art and music that pulls our heartstrings, ignites our spirits, inspires us, and fills us with joy, passion, and desire. Creativity within science has enabled us to have a very high standard of living by heating our homes and allowing us to travel and communicate freely. Creativity triumphs over any and all obstacles. When our creative juices are flowing, we can embrace our creative process, take creative license, and do anything but steal someone else’s creative work. When our work is done, we’ve got recreation.

Let’s explore the dark side of creativity. Creativity manifests darkly in many ways. We avoid what we know is right by compartmentalizing, analyzing, and rationalizing unhealthy thoughts and feelings. Temptation germinates the seeds of shameful secrets that nourish guilt, rob honesty, compromise integrity, and tarnish nobility. Fear debilitates, sabotages, and betrays. It takes creativity and a good memory to juggle promises, lies, and excuses. Some symptoms of dark creativity are: “I may have not told the whole truth, but I didn’t lie.” “I didn’t mean to tell.” “I never intended to hurt anyone.” “The temptation was too strong.” “I’m sorry for my part.”

voldemortIn order for creativity to manifest, a symbolic death must take place. Letting go, no matter how painful, creates space for new choices, actions, and circumstances. I know about death and creativity. Pluto rules my horoscope. Pluto, Scorpio, and the eighth house symbolize transformation in astrology. Catastrophic business and personal losses forced me to rethink, restructure, and recreate my life several times. Pluto is master of the ‘little death’ (sexual orgasm). Pluto also welcomes us as executioner, coroner, and mortician at our final exit. Lord Voldemort, Darth Vader, Mummy, and the Big Bad Wolf are modern Plutonian types.

Reading hands is more about quality than quantity. We can’t see the extent of creativity in our hands, but we can see the qualities of creativity. Creative orientation can be observed in the shapes and proportions of our hands. Our desire to create is revealed by the conditions and qualities of our thumb and index finger. Ways we structure and communicate our creativity can be seen in the middle and pinkie fingers. How we express creativity is mirrored in the elasticity, consistency, color, texture, and flexibility of hands and fingers. Our imagination is incarnate in the qualities and directions of our head line. Our appreciation of art, music, nature, kids, food, home, etc., can be seen in the ball of thumb and ring finger.

toe tagThe length of a lifeline does not determine the length of life. You will die. No one can or should tell you when. That’s God’s job. Our job, is to be  personally and collectively creative in as constructive (as opposed to destructive) ways as possible. Our positive creativity is essential to our good health and the health of our world.

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  1. I REALLY liked your blog on creativity. Well written and encouraging, and sensitive, and informative. Very nicely done. The work you are doing, and the tools you offer are very very valuable at these high charged times. You will help free, and cleanse many more people that are looking for fuel.

    Ed McDonald

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