Palmistry and the Pinky Finger

Dominant Pinky FingerThis powerful looking pinky finger belongs to a communicative, curious, and quick-witted individual. Dominant pinky fingered people are bottom liners. They’re quick thinkers, excellent communicators, and aware that if their presentation doesn’t add up, they won’t make the sale. Although they’re childlike and cherish their freedom, they often end up marrying someone like their mother or father. They love children and will bear any burden for family. Dominant pinkies lead the way in science, law, medicine, writing, banking, and accounting.

Hermes is the Greek god attributed to the pinky finger. Peter Pan, Puck, Knight of Swords, Court Jester, Magician, Thoth, Loki, and Mercury are all manifestations of Hermes. These clever tricksters are all fabulous communicators and archetypes of wisdom.

Your own early family dynamic may be observed in the way the pinky is set on your hands. If it’s very short or low set, trust is a major issue. Many women who have very low set pinkies have told me that they have trouble having orgasms. Their real challenge is in trusting themselves and others enough to have real intimacy. The pinky finger emphasizes technical, language, and family, in addition to sexual potentials.

finger lengthsThe pinky finger is normally the shortest finger. To determine whether the pinky is considered long or short, look to where it lines up with the ring finger. When the tip of the pinky finger is above the crease between the first and second phalange of the ring finger, it’s considered long. When the pinky finger is shorter than that crease in the ring finger, it’s considered short. Hermes was the shortest of the gods. A dominant pinky fingered person tends to be short in stature. His or her body and face are slender, with expressive hands, dark hair, and penetrating eyes with crow’s feet in the corners. Ed Harris is a great example. Pinky fingered folk are very youthful looking with men frequently having thin beards. Johnny Depp is Hermes; also know as a Mercurial type. Most Mercurial types are androgynous and many (although they may not know or admit it) are bi-sexual. David Bowie is a perfect illustration. Michael Jackson (Peter Pan), actually lived in his very own Neverland. The pinky finger’s dominant physical sense is hearing. Pinkied people prefer small musical instruments that require a lot of dexterity. Their health issues center around the nervous and bronchial systems. They may have problems with headaches, thyroid glands, memory loss, and speech impediments. Healthy Mercurial types can be intuitive geniuses and great judges of character. Their liabilities are trickiness, fickleness, nervousness, restlessness, and superficiality. People preaching on soapboxes, most pickpockets, and a majority of con artists have dominant pinkies (most inwardly curving). Mercurial types make great lawyers, doctors, orators, writers, engineers, teachers, accountants, bankers, shopkeepers, and magicians. I work at special events with many great magicians. These amazing tricksters are Mercurial with dominant pinky fingers. They surprise and astound by deceiving the eye and mind.

curved pinky fingerIs this man telling the truth?  The chirological equivalent of Pinocchio’s nose is an inwardly curving pinky finger. If your pinky finger curves inwardly, you typically hate confrontation and spend way too much of your time behaving in ways that work. You’ve spent so much of your life acting and bending the truth that you aren’t even aware you’re doing it. Most curved pinky fingered people have learned early in life that “nice” works. Their primary challenge is that “nice” relationships end up being safe instead of satisfying. Curved pinky fingered people are peacemakers. They try to fix other people and circumstances. If you’re one of these people, be yourself and not whom you think everyone else wants and needs you to be.

Pinky ringGold and diamond rings are often found on the pinky finger of acquisitive people. Pinky rings can symbolize the sublimation of sexual energies in order to accomplish something requiring a lot of energy. I recently examined a group of fifty young men and women, all born into wealthy families in the 80’s. Considering the prosperity of the period, it seemed a paradox to me that every single individual had an obviously short phalange on the bottom segment of the little finger of his or her dominant hand. The bottom phalange represents the material world. Money will never be the motivation for this particular group’s career choices. Family issues and personal values will drive these individuals.

32 thoughts on “Palmistry and the Pinky Finger

  1. Wow i can see myself spending quite i few hours on this blog. Love your work, Regarding the pinkie finger… I have read that if the pinkie finger stand apart from the other fingers it represents and independant mind, what are your thoughts is this true?
    Look forward to you reply

    • Yes, it’s true that a pinkie finger that stands apart is an independent thinker. It may also mean that the person needs to take more personal space in intimate relationships. Every detail needs to be viewed in the context of the whole hand and person.

    • Yes I agree, you may not be the most admired person in your family, but you will be forging your own unique path through life

  2. Fascinating. I have a large straight pinky. Find this all very true. :-) I wouldn’t call myself dishonest but I am good at talking people into things. I have a constant need for change, not sure if that’s related. I have spent a lot of my life travelling.

    • I prefer not to look at a specific detail as good or bad, but instead as representing specific challenges. Being separated from the rest of the fingers is pretty common. It symbolizes a need for space and independence. Depending on the how small the pinky is and how it’s set, the challenge could be putting yourself out in the world or it could be family or intimacy issues. The whole picture must be seen to understand the detail more clearly.

  3. Your Blog is wonderful! :)

    Can the low set be corrected? I think it has a lot to do on subconscious level , trust and intimacy issues.
    My pinkie is average length but is thinner in comparison to other fingers and the top phalange bends inwards what does this mean?
    Also some people have thick padded and long bottom phalange , is that bad?

    • Thanks for the praise. The younger a person is, the easier it is to change the morphology of the conscious hand. It takes some major nurturing, therapy, or a mental commitment to change the pattern which caused the hand to be the way it is in the first place. There’s an example in my blog of how a child’s low set pinkie was transformed over a five-year period. Palmistry and Children

      Regarding your pinkie, most pinkie’s are noticeably thinner than the other fingers. The inward curve is typically an avoidance of confrontation. The person has a tendency to make the peace, act nice, and be on good behavior most of the time. That is something you can change over time by shining light on issues that need to be seen and choosing satisfaction instead of safety. I’ve seen pinkies straighten out over years of conscious effort.

      I don’t like to look at features as good and bad, but what we choose to do with them that matters. People with long thick bottom phalanges on the pinkie tend to be more acquisitive than others. If the bottom phalanges on the other fingers are also long and thick, that person is probably self-indulgent. Especially around food.

  4. I have the very short piny fingers. I have four daughter’s and three of the four have the short pinky. My daughter, who has three boys all have the short pinky. I also have brothers and sisters with this trait. My mother also had the v. short pinky. Why is this?

    • Good question. I’d like to know why they’re short. Is it because they’re set low on the palm or is there a particular phalange on the pinkie that’s short? Are the pinkies straight or curved? There are a lot of hereditary traits that are passed down in families, however, behavior can also be passed down. Is the behavior of the one daughter who doesn’t have a short pinkie different than the others? Does she have an easier time putting herself out in the world? If you can send me hi-res digital photos of all the different hands in your family with low set pinkies, I’d like to examine them to see what else is going on in their hands.

  5. I have a small patch of black lines on the upper portion of the pinky (out of the three) which is around 3 mm in length. What does it imply?

    • The lines are not vertical but horizontal —— (as so) Three on the right hand pinky and two on the left pinky. What does this mean?

      • Where exactly are the lines? on which phalanges? What are the qualities of the lines? are they long or short? close or far away? What else is going on in the hands? Ask a vague question and get a vague answer. sorry.

  6. Mine are extremely short. They are at least a full cm lower than the top line of the next finger. My other fingers seem fine, but these are extra short in comparison.

  7. Great, great blog!

    I’m a right hand dominant and I’ve had some dreams about my left pinky finger being merged with the first/bottom joint of the ring finger. It was disturbing and after that I noticed in waking life that my left pinky felt stuck and inflexible or weak somehow – probably due to playing on a bad guitar, which I stopped. Still, I have this issue with my pinky and it feels like I can’t seem to mobilize it or really stretch it out properly, although it looks just fine physically.
    I think it is a psychological issue that maybe I can sort out by understanding more about this finger on the left hand? On my dominant hand the pinky is quite alive and expressive. The length of both are ‘normal’/ just up to the beginning of the upper joint on the ring fingers.

    Looking forward to your response :)

    • Be happy that the dominant hand is normal and healthy. It’s hard to be objective about your unconscious or subconscious hand. This is the stuff of psychiatry and early childhood issues. Someone may have caused you to feel insecure about your ability to communicate or for whatever reason you are or were reticent to put yourself out in the world. The good news is that your dominant hand shows that you have already or are able to overcome this obstacle.

  8. Hi, I know someone with small, thin, underdeveloped little fingers which always seem to be curled. I found I was repelled by him and as it turned out he lies and scams people. Are his fingers the giveaway?

  9. I have an extra flange (not joint) on my dominant pinky I realy wished I knew what it meant…its not your regular thing in a palmistry book..

  10. This is fascinating stuff. I have long hands and fingers with the exception of my pinkie fingers. They are straight and look much shorter than the other digits. It’s because they are low set, with the non-dominant hand a bit lower. It’s like the pinkie is small and doesn’t belong with the others as it stands apart, especially on the non-dominant hand. Also the pinkie nails are tiny, like a child’s nails. What does that mean? Thanks in advance.

    • It’s hard to diagnose a situation without seeing the whole picture. It’s possible that you were a very sensitive child who was not encouraged to develop her communication skills or to assert yourself in your formative years. Perhaps your family was uptight about your sexuality. If you were a client, we would have a dialogue and the issues surrounding the finger would unfold.

  11. Interesting blog! I was just wondering if it is abnormal for my pinky finger to pass the first crease in my ring finger. It a rather substantial passing of about half a centimeter. Does it also mean anything? Thanks

    • That’s a very positive sign for your communication skills, assuming your pinky is otherwise healthy and everything else in your hands supports your efforts to communicate. Many very successful people have long pinkies.

  12. Wondering about the joint lines on fingers. Normal fingers have three, my right hand pinky has 4 lines. Does that mean something?!?

    • Everything means something. Does your pinky have four joints or an extra line? Which phalange has the extra line and where is it located. Is your right hand your dominant hand? What is the basic hand type and what else is going on in your hands? That being said, look at which phalanx is longest. The top phalanx is thinking, the middle is practical, and the bottom material. Which ever has the extra line may be interpreted as your energy is divided there. Perhaps you need to focus on more than one issue. If it’s the bottom phalanx it may be sexual and financial. Hard to tell without seeing the whole picture.

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