Astrology and Hands

Tens of millions of people read their horoscopes daily in newspapers and magazines without realizing the true value of astrology. More ancient than the pyramids, astrology is a science and art that examines relationships between the cycles of celestial bodies and life on earth. Astronomical patterns synchronize with life experience and personality patterns. Every moment in time and space has an exclusive signature. A natal horoscope is a unique map of the positions of planets in the heavens at a time and place of a birth. Kings, Presidents, Dictators, Philosophers, Mystics, and Scholars throughout history have used astrology (and still do) to understand and influence world events.

I studied astrology for several years before I began learning palmistry. Initially, I found astrology to be very complex and mathematical, however, with practice I began to recognize a profoundly simple and elegant system for examining human nature, patterns, timing, and life cycles. One problem with Astrology for me was that accurate forecasting is an exacting science. I know from personal experience that most doctors, nurses, and parents are not watching the clock at a baby’s first breath. Clients often give birth times on the hour or half hour. Many don’t know whether they were born in the morning or evening. Others depend on a vague memory from their mother long after the event. My mother wanted to have natural childbirth, however, after 24 hours in labor; the obstetrician finally cut me out in order to save her life. Mom believed that she remembered my birth time correctly, but her memory was different from my original birth certificate, which I ended up using to construct my horoscope.

One more thing that I discovered by reading hands was that even when a birth time is correct, it doesn’t mean that a natal horoscope reveals the whole picture. In astrology, the ascendant (rising sign) of the natal horoscope is considered the basis for determining behavior, however, I discovered from reading hands that a person’s sun or moon or powerful aspects between planets or perhaps a stellium of planets in a particular house might actually be dominating their personality.

I have Scorpio rising, Saturn conjunct Pluto straddling my Leo Midheaven, and a stellium of Gemini planets (4) in my 8th house. You’d think my hands would be very Scorpio, but instead they’re very Gemini. That’s not to say that I’m not Plutonian. I am, but not in the ways I behave. Sometimes, clients are different than I expect they’ll be from looking at their horoscope. Imagine their chart is dominated by mutable water or air without a drop of earth. I’m expecting them to float through the door. Instead, a very grounded person walks in. When I look at their hands, I see no mutability, air, or water. Their astrology begins to make more sense after I realize how they’ve compensated for whatever they lack in their astrological symbolism. I’ve learned not to depend on a person’s horoscope to observe their character. Learning palmistry and astrology have helped me to understand both better. Astrology is especially helpful in confirming and affirming what I already see in a person’s hands. It also provides additional information about their behavioral patterns, timing, and life cycles.

I’ve applied an astrological framework to palmistry to help identify and define twelve basic character types. Western astrology and palmistry share the same Greek and Roman gods. Their family relationships are forever being acted out in our lives. Humanity is one huge dysfunctional family and each of us is a member. In my last blog entry, I introduced astrology’s four elements in palmistry as psychological types: Fire (Intuitive), Earth (Practical), Air (Thinking), and Water (Feeling).

2 thoughts on “Astrology and Hands

  1. A good practical description of both..
    I still wonder which among the two is more accurate in terms of prediction

    • Thanks. Prediction is a slippery slope. With hands it’s easy to predict behavior because it’s innate. If you’ve done something for a long time, it’s likely you’re going to do it again unless you make a concerted effort to change. Free will is a wild card because nothing is written in stone and hands change as a person’s thinking and circumstances change. For timing and understanding life cycles, patterns, and habits, astrology is better. A hand is a small amount of space to see a whole live as far as timing beginnings and endings. If your query is about others, tarot is a better tool than astrology and palmistry.

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