Relationships are my all time favorite application of palmistry. Counseling couples can be challenging, however, as some couples don’t see or don’t want to see their issues. Although I can instantly see where compromise is possible and where it’s not, many couples may not be ready to face the unvarnished truths of their relationship. Choosing safe is a lot easier than choosing satisfying for them.


One woman with square hands and long fingers, a Thinking type, who I read at an event told me as I examined her hands that “she was so very happy” because she had “the best husband in the world.” Her hands told a different tale, the story of Sleeping Beauty waiting to be awakened by her prince. Her very supple thumbs, inwardly curving pinky finger, and the end of her heart line dipping down to touch her headline indicated to me that she was avoiding confrontation. Instead of being honest about her feelings, she was rationalizing and compartmentalizing while desperately trying to be the person she thought everyone else wanted and needed her to be. I addressed her issues and confirmed that her dad had been overcritical, controlling, and emotionally absent during her formative years. She had been programmed to “act nice” in an attempt to make the peace and please everyone around her. “Be yourself”, I advised.

A few minutes later, her prince charming sat down. He had rectangular palms and short fingers, an Intuitive type, her polar opposite, but they were not necessarily an incompatible combination. He told me that he was having an affair with another woman and was thinking of leaving his wife. I asked why he hadn’t informed her of his feelings. “It’s impossible. She sees what she wants to see. I feel guilty for deceiving her and angry for having to. I’ve lost respect for both of us. Betraying her naive trust makes me hate myself.” “Tell her the truth”, I suggested. It appears that Sleeping Beauty was soon to be rudely awakened. She and Prince Charming might not have found themselves in this predicament had they dealt with their issues sooner. If only they had known how to read hands while they lovingly held each other’s.

That same evening, another couple sat down. He had long palms and long, stiff, knotty fingers, a Feeling type. She had small very flexible hands, short fingers, and smooth joints, an Intuitive type. He was a control freak. She was a freedom lover. He was extremely practical and methodical. She was creative and spontaneous. His jealousy and possessiveness would eventually drive her nuts. They sat soberly while I spoke about compromise, trust, and learning to partner more and better. The rest of the evening, he became my shadow, a walking testimonial, saying to everyone, “My wife loves this guy.” At the end of the party, she came up and told me that I might have helped save their marriage.