Palmistry and Practicality

The fourth and final of the four basic human functions is the Sensation archetype. This type has square palms and short fingers. Pure Sensation types have very few peripheral lines in their palms, with hardly any interruptions on the three main lines (head, heart, and life). Skin ridge patterns are usually coarser than observed in the other three archetypes. Square shaped fingertips and arch fingerprints are frequently seen, and there’s often stiffness in the joints of the fingers and thumb. Sensation types are driven by their physical senses. As the most practical, responsible, reliable, dependable, pragmatic and objective of all types, they have an innate understanding of how the material world works. They trust what they can see and feel, not inspirations, ideas, or intuitions. As a matter of fact, they tend to get so involved in practical matters that any imagination or abstract ability is limited. Because the world of work dominates their life, they need to be careful not to get addicted to routine and order. They love their homes, family life, friendships, and food as well as work. This type’s biggest challenges are learning to trust their gut, relinquishing control, and letting go of ideologies and circumstances once the handwriting is on the wall. Sensation types can be the Pragmatist who initiates, the Objectivist who maintains (Mitt Romney), or the Analyst who adapts.

Hillary Clinton is a Sensation type and a Pragmatist. The Pragmatist is the most serious and responsible of all twelve types. Hillary is a natural business leader and a great manager, able to deal with the responsibility of each and every aspect of daily business while maintaining her long-range vision. As a structured, disciplined, focused, and dependable leader, she expects you to be on time and do what you say. She has no patience for excuses and doesn’t trust slick and flashy types (though she married one). Practical, prudent, and efficient, Hillary patiently bides her time until the right circumstances are present. She’s a workaholic who won’t think twice about starting early or staying late when a task needs to be finished. She has a dry sense of humor, and occasionally, a cold and pessimistic dark side.

Hillary’s separated head and life line indicate that she’s much less conservative than people think. Even though she’d prefer to stray from the rules, she continues to support a system she doesn’t know how to change. Hillary is independent and freedom loving; she hates bureaucracy despite working in one and detests critical authority figures. She has an inherent conflict between taking responsibility and having freedom. Good causes inspire and impassion Hillary; unless she has a worthy quest, her life becomes too mundane. She is easily bored, and becomes restless and impatient with routines. Being Secretary of State suits her temperament well. Hillary is not jealous or possessive, but demands too little of her partner in her emotional life (low set pinky finger). She needs to listen more to her natural intuition and less to her handlers. Hillary has less natural charm (she doesn’t need anyone’s approval), but much greater executive abilities than her husband Bill.

You don’t have to be a Sensation type to be practical. Any hand that appears to have a square appearance adds a lot of practicality to the personality. Head lines and heart lines that run straight across the palm without curving are practical. Not having very many lines in the hand can help the person to stay focused and resist distraction. A long straight fate line extending from the wrist to under the middle finger symbolizes a ‘nose to the grindstone’ kind of personality. Arch fingerprints tend to enhance practicality – at least in the area that the particular finger represents.  Fingerprints are unchangeable, however, other qualities in hands can change. As a child, my hands were so highly flexible that structure, discipline, and focus seemed impossible. I didn’t have a clue how to be practical. I had a hard time appreciating it at the time, but fortunately, I had a mother who forced me to be more realistic and eventually (it took almost thirty years) the joints in my conscious hand stiffened up. My unconscious (left) hand and fingers are still very flexible.