Palmistry and Feeling

Feeling types have long rectangular palms and long fingers, which (unlike this photo) are frequently held closely together. As the most intuitive, empathic, and sensitive of all types, feeling types live deep in the world of their emotions. They’re the hardest of the four basic archetypes to understand because they hide their true selves by avoiding emotional confrontation. Because they’re very vulnerable, they need to feel protected and secure. Having structure, organization, and detail makes them feel more stable. Feelings are an integral part of their decision-making process. They’re cautious and must learn to trust others. Once trust is earned, their loyalties run deep. They get along best with other Feeling types and with Sensation types who are the most practical, responsible, reliable, and dependable of all types. It’s not easy for Feeling types to trust Intuitive and Thinking types. They’re afraid they’ll be stuck dealing with the emotional fallout when idealism, enthusiasm, and interest wane (and they do.)

No matter which of the four basic types you are, everyone has a feeling function. Most palmists observe a person’s emotional health in the qualities and directions of their heart line. A heart line begins under the pinky finger and extends across the hand toward the index finger. The line itself can have many qualities (heart line in illustration is chained.) Qualities of lines will be discussed in future blog entries. Heart lines may extend gracefully toward the index finger, curve up towards the middle finger, or dip down towards the head line (illustration shows all three.) If the line extends upward between the index and middle fingers, it symbolizes that the person is reticent to verbalize their feelings. It’s much easier for the owner of this line to show affection or anger than talk about their emotions. The long graceful heart line extending to the index finger is romantic and idealistic. People with these heart lines tend to see their potential partners and lovers more as they’d like them to be than how they really are. Talking about feelings is important to people with long heart lines. They’re not ‘hop in the sack’ types, so a little candlelight and flowers go a long way to warming them up. As sentimental beings, they frequently cry during predictable old movies. A person with a heart line that dips down to touch their head line needs to be in control of their feelings. These people analyze, rationalize, and compartmentalize their feelings instead of verbalize them. No matter how good the physical chemistry is, the analyzer and the romantic don’t make a particularly good long-term match as partners.

Many lines in the palm of a hand indicate a person with a lot of nervous energy. I usually suggest they stay away from caffeinated beverages. They wake up wired and easily tire from too much emotion. It takes very little to make them overwrought. Being extremely sensitive and naturally empathic  makes them a magnet for strays and fixer-uppers. When you see a hand like this, don’t begin by picking away at details. These people are very impressionable. They may hear the worst, even if you didn’t say it. Whatever you say, they’ll probably never forget it. Be constructive and helpful. I always say something to leave them feeling hopeful.

Each of the four basic archetypes (Intuitive, Sensation, Thinking, and Feeling) can be broken down into three specific character types by determining whether they’re better at initiating, maintaining, or adapting. The Feeling type can be broken down into the Nurturer, the Lover, and the Believer. I’ll begin discussing specific character types in the future when I’ve finished generalizing about basic palmistry.

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