About Palmistry

God has placed signs in the hands of all the sons of all men that all the sons of men may know his work”  OLD TESTAMENT

Palmistry is the 5500-year-old science and art of interpreting character from hands. Your hands are topographical maps of your character in past, present, and future. Your hands are empowering tools that can transform your destiny.

The value of reading hands is in being able to readily recognize personality traits, habits and patterns, and motivations. As you identify your strengths and weaknesses, you can change your thinking, exercise your free will, and transform negative thought patterns into positive behavioral patterns. You can take charge of your thinking, feelings, and actions. You can ask your hands: Who am I?  What do I want? What do I value? What do I think? How do I feel? How can I be happier? How can I be healthier? How are my relationships? What are my obligations? What are my responsibilities? How can I be more prosperous? How can I be more creative? What’s my purpose? What’s my philosophy? How can I be more spiritual? What’s next?  You can be your own best friend and bullshit detector.

The beauty of palmistry is that your hands change as your thinking and circumstances change. A tiny change in your hands can reflect a huge change in your life. As you make decisions and exercise your free will, you will see your successes and failures reflected in your hands over time.

Reading hands is simple and fun. We can all learn more about ourselves and each other from our hands. I intend to help readers of my blog to do just that.

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